Macaron Day NYC

Yesterday was Macaron Day and about 12 bakeries were offering free macarons as a way of celebrating the day. I got together with a bunch of friends and we tried to get free macarons at a couple of them. On my to go list was Bouchon Bakery (I love their macarons) and La Maison du Chocolat (I’ve heard such great things about their macarons). But by the time our group got to both stores (we went to two Bouchons too) they were already out of free macarons.

We were, however, able to make it to Epicerie Boulud, since it’s just a couple of blocks away from our school. They came invididually wrapped in plastic with their sticker on top. I liked that they were individually wrapped but I didn’t like how we couldn’t pick our own flavors. They were giving out four flavors but at random – chocolate, strawberry, lemon, and pistachio.

I got the pistachio one but also sampled the Lemon and Strawberry. The Lemon was way too sweet for my liking. The Strawberry had a jam filling and those that have read my Maison Ladurée post knows that I like a crème filling more. The pistachio was also kind of disappointing. It was the biggest out of all the macarons but it also didn’t have much taste.

Next stop after the West Side was trekking over to the East Side. We tried a macaron parlor but were also too late. Saddened, we made our way over to MadMac Macaron, where Florian from the Cupcake Wars was there to greet us. They had plates of their macarons waiting for us as we took pictures with Florian and got pictures signed. I was able to try all three flavors that they were offering because they were very chill about it. Instead of asking what flavor we wanted and giving it to us, they just left the macarons out.

I had their Raspberry first and despite their small size, this was my favorite macaron of the day. The jam filling wasn’t too sticky or sweet. Their Lemon was definitely a lot better than Epicerie Boulud’s because it wasn’t too sweet. The Chocolate was also very good. Unlike Maison Ladurée’s, the Chocolate at MadMac isn’t bittersweet.

I gave up after our six-parlor trek but a few of the group went on. My sister brought home a macaron from Macaron Parlour, which has yet to officially open. My sister had chosen their Nutella flavor. I wasn’t all that impressed by this one because it was Nutella flavor but came in a pastel purple color. I’m used to macarons’ color reflecting the flavor. There wasn’t a wow factor in this macaron and I only ate a bite of it.

MadMac had to be my favorite of the day. I really wish I had been able to try La Maison du Chocolat since they have wonderful reviews. At the end of the day, I still think my favorite macaron parlor would have to be Maison Ladurée, hands down.

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