Flea Market Cafe

I stumbled upon Flea Market Café during my most recent massive Yelp search. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s a lot classier than it sounds. As soon as I read a few reviews, I started to ask myself how had I missed this great deal in the past. Then I noticed their address and I realized that it was a double miss – the Boyfriend and I had previously walked by the restaurant on our way to dinner in the East Village. How could I have missed this?!

Flea Market offers an amazing prix fixe everyday from 5pm – 7pm, which they call their Sunset Menu. The menu offers three options of prix fixes:

  • 1 drink + 1 course for $17.25
  • 1 drink + 2 courses for $19.50
  • 1 drink + 3 courses for $21.75

Their prix fixe menu isn’t small either! You get your choice of 3 appetizers, 5 entrees and 2 desserts off their prix fixe menu.

We arrived around 6pm and were seated right away – with our choice of seats. Our waitress dropped off both the regular menu and their sunset menu and left us to look it over. She then offered us drinks – if you’re ordering off the sunset menu you get your choice of sangria, their house white or red wine, or any of the 8 beers on the menu. We both went with the sangria, since we were in the mood for something fruity. I actually really liked their sangria – I was sure they used champagne because there was a fizzy texture to the drink. Topped with chopped up apples and grapes, this was definitely one of the best sangria’s I’ve ever had.

The Boyfriend and I decided on two courses first with the option of dessert later on after our meal. We both ordered their Oven Baked Snails, which were topped with garlic, parsley and butter. Our appetizers came out in about 10 minutes and were piping hot. The snails were flavorful and plump. The Boyfriend actually started mopping up the buttery sauce with the sourdough bread brought to our table earlier. Side note: they toast their bread!

Even though their entrée option on the sunset menu states mussels of the day, you actually get your choice of any three of their mussel sauces. I was super excited about this because I already had my heart set on one particular sauce – Moules aux fromages. For those of us who aren’t French speakers, this is basically a white wine, Roguefort and Brie sauce. The sauce was very creamy and thicker than the others. For a cheese lover like myself, this was a dream come true. I was more excited about getting to the bottom where the sauce than I was about eating the mussels.

The Boyfriend went with their Moules mariniere, which features a white wine, shallots and garlic sauce. His sauce was a lot more watery than mine but I don’t think he minded considering how he finished half his fries by dipping them into the sauce. We had ketchup on the table but neither of us used it.

Each order of mussels comes with a side of crispy French fries, which came out freshly fried. They were so hot that I couldn’t bite into them until later on in the meal. They were big and plump, though, which made them amazing for dipping into our mussel sauces.

After finishing our mussels, we were both kind of full. But the fact that adding on a dessert meant only paying an extra $2 lured us into trying ordering one dessert to share. We were both very indecisive so I asked our waitress for her recommendation. She told us that both were very good – the warm chocolate cake had an oozy chocolate filling but the Crème Brûlée was super creamy and the burnt sugar on top was very crunchy. We decided to go with the Crème Brûlée, since it was the lighter of the two options.

When our dessert came, we were surprised at the size. Most Crème Brûlées that I’ve had came in a oval ramekin and was rather on the small side. Flea Market’s version was in a round, circular ramekin and was more than enough for two to share. The custard was very creamy and the burnt sugar was not bitter at all. Overall, it was a very good decision.

Our meal, including tax and tip came up to around $26 a person and that was because we decided to go with one dessert. If you opt for just two courses, it can definitely be cheaper. For $26, I thought it was a great deal – especially since the service was so great. Both our waitresses were very nice and came by to check up on us. Our mussel shells were cleared periodically – they give you three dishes to hold all the shells. Both the Boyfriend and I agreed that Flea Market is a restaurant that we will be back to for sure. Maybe next time we’ll stop by on a Tuesday for their All-You-Can-Eat-Mussel-Nights ($21.50).

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