Goodfellas LES

I had brought a gift card when the website was having a sale about four to five months ago. It had been sitting in my wallet ever since then so I decided to look on the website to see if they had added any new restaurants to their list. I usually keep my location searches to around Soho and the Village. But since the boyfriend and I have been on a Lower East Side kick lately, I decided to check there too. Lo and behold, they had added a new restaurant. After a quick Yelp search, I found out that Goodfellas LES a 3.5 star rating and everyone was raving about their pizza. I made a purchase and the next day the boyfriend and I paid them a visit.

Goodfellas LES makes all of their brick-oven pizzas with their signature semolina dough, fresh mozzarella cheese and their own homemade sauce. We were actually here to just try their pizzas, but since my coupon required me to order up to 35 dollars worth of food, we ordered their fried calamari as our starter. We ordered their large and the plate was indeed large. The calamari was fresh and crisp, but the star of the show was the marinara sauce. They make their marinara sauce themselves so it was a flavor that I had never tasted before. It was so delicious that we started to soak the calamari into the marinara sauce just to get more of a taste. We actually had to ask for a second bowl of marinara sauce because it was just that good!

For our main course, we ordered two pizzas to share. First up was the Alla vodka pizza. Their vodka pizza is made with fresh mozzarella and tomato cream vodka sauce with fresh mushrooms, prosciutto and peas on top. The vodka sauce made the pizza taste as if you were eating penna alla vodka on a pizza. It was creamy and the cheese was melted perfectly.

Our second pizza was their Quattro Formagi, which features four cheeses: mozzarella, provolone cheese, fontina cheese and grated pecorino romano cheese. This pizza was my least favorite of the two only because I felt that the cheeses overpowered the tomato sauce and all I could taste was cheese. I always feel that a good pizza should be as simple as possible so this particular pizza was a bit too much for me. We actually had to take half of this pizza to go because we just couldn’t finish it all after the calamari. When I reheated the pizza the next day, the cheese became very oily. Word of advice – try to finish all your pizza the day of or else they’ll become soggy and oily!

Overall, my experience at Goodfellas LES wasn’t bad. Their pizzas were cheap, starting at around $11 – $12 for a small, which is enough to feed two people. The service was very attentive and we never had an empty glass. They were extremely friendly and constantly checked up on us to see if we needed anything. But I felt like I have had better pizza elsewhere. Their pizza was good but it wasn’t anything mind-blowing. Therefore, I am giving Goodfellas a rating of 3/5 stars – 2 stars for the service and 1 star for the pricing.

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