Down the rabbit hole we go

One day, while I was sitting in an early Philosophy class (one of those three hour block classes), I suddenly got the craving for brunch foods. So after a quick text message (totally illegal in class) and a couple of Yelp searches later, the boyfriend found Alice’s Tea Cup. Alice’s Tea Cup has three locations throughout Manhattan so we chose the one closest to school and took a short train ride to our destination. Located at 102 West 73rd street, Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter 1 offers a variety of teas and many breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. Actually, they offer more teas than food options! Breakfast is served from 8:30 – 11:30 daily so we managed to make it there by 11:00am.

Upon entering the quaint little teashop, I was struck by how the entire store had an Alice in Wonderland theme. There were quotes from the book written all over the walls. The front of the store sold little knickknacks and baked goods while the back of the store was the dining area. There aren’t many tables and seats but it was quite cozy.

I ordered the Smoked Salmon and Scones, which featured poached eggs and smoked salmon on a buttermilk scone with hollandaise sauce. The dish also came with a side of potato-chicken hash. This is your typical eggs benedict with salmon but their buttermilk scone made a huge difference to the dish. The scone was soft and melted in your mouth when you bit into it. There was a lovely butter flavor to it that wasn’t overwhelming but it made you notice that it was there. The side of potato-chicken hash was very distinctive. It was different than the usual potato hash because it’s cooked with chicken broth. The potato had a faint chicken flavor. The hash also had chunks of chicken in it. The chicken blended in with the potato so you sort of didn’t know which of the two you’d get with each bite.

Since they offer eggs any style and with the option to add veggies, the boyfriend ordered egg whites with spinach. His dish was very simple and healthy. It also came with a side of potato-chicken hash, which as mentioned above, had a very distinctive flavor.

The service was quick and attentive at the same time. But the real surprise came at the end of the meal when we visited the bathroom. The bathroom had Alice in Wonderland scenes painted all over the walls. There were scenes that depicted Alice with Tweedledee and Tweedledum and another that depicted Alice with the Queen. The mirror behind the door was round with the Cheshire Cat’s wide smile painted in the middle.

I also brought one of their scones to go, as I had another 3-hour block class later in the day that would run late. Their scones are probably their most famous food. Their scones change everyday and you never quite know which flavors you will run into that day. Each scone is served with raspberry jam and butter. The scone that I ran into that day was a Chocolate-Coconut Scone. This scone was extraordinary. The chocolate chips were abundant and melted the moment you put the piece of scone in your mouth. There was also coconut shavings scattered throughout the scone. With almost every bite, you had at least one chocolate chip and sprinkle of coconut shavings.

If you don’t go for breakfast, brunch or lunch, definitely stop by and purchase one of their scones. They are large enough to fill you up for breakfast and is reasonably priced at $3. It is bigger than your average Starbucks scone and will taste a whole lot better.

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