Holiday Cheer!

Today marked the opening day of Columbus Circle’s Holiday Market. I’ve been waiting for this day for almost a month now – ever since I found out the exact date they opened. Last year, I spent at least 2 lunches a week at the Holiday Market. So this year, I decided to pay them a visit on their very first day to scope out their food options.

My first stop was German Delights Bratwurst. I was a big fan after I had their cheese filled bratwurst or German sausage last winter. Their apple cider is also super delicious. It is the perfect hot drink for the cold weather.

They didn’t have their cheese filled bratwursts just yet, since it was opening day so I went with one of their regular wursts. For an extra dollar, I added sauerkraut to my sausage. The sausages here are served on a roll and are big enough to fill you up for lunch. Priced at $6, I think they’re a deal. It’s hard to find cheap lunch in the Lincoln Center area!

German Delights also serves Gluehwine or Glühwein, which is a popular hot drink that is drunk during the Christmas holidays in many European countries. German Delights serves a non-alcoholic kind. They are the only U.S. provider of Christkindles Kinder Punsch, which is a premade version of Gluehwine. I am absolutely in love with this drink. Christkindles Kinder Punsch is made with Pear Juice Concentrate, Honey, Grape Juice and Lemon Juice Concentrate, Elderberry Juice, Plum Juice, Raspberry Juice, Blackcurrant Juice, Cherry Juice, Strawberry Juice, Bilberry Juice, and Blackberry Juice. Wow! That’s a lot of different flavors. And it shows because with every sip, it feels like you’re getting kicked in the mouth with flavor! 

Next up is Sizzles, which serves up empanadas. This is their first time doing anything like the holiday market so they’re still getting on their feet. The worker behind the cashier told me that they’re still trying out new products and seeing how the feedback is. So head on over and try out some of their new projects! You never know if they’ll be there the next day! 

One of their new pet projects was their ham and cheese roll. They didn’t really have a name for it yet since it’s their first time selling it. After eating the roll, I went back and told them that they should definitely keep it on the menu. The roll had gooey cheese throughout the entire thing. There was hardly a bite without filling. The roll was also super soft, which was perfect because who wants to bite into a rock hard piece of dough?

After the roll, we wandered down a little further and saw Sonrisa, who also happens to sell empanadas. I wondered why I had never seen them before around the city. The boyfriend questioned them about having a restaurant. We found out that Sonrisa is actually a food truck located in New Jersey. That made a lot of sense!

They specialized in empanadas but it wasn’t them that captured our attention – it was the pulled pork sliders. Their slider comes double wrapped in tin foil – no leakage whatsoever. The sauce that they put on top of the pulled pork made the bun of the slider a bit soggy. The sauce was so good though, that I overlooked the soggy bun. The pork was abundant and easy to chew. Overall, I liked the slider and I know I will probably go back for it sometime in the near future. Too bad they’re only here until the end of the fair cause I’d love to have their sliders on a regular basis.

After the slider, we decided to take a walk around the fair. We saw a sign that advertised baked goods and hot chocolate so we followed the sign. We wandered upon Baked Alone, which offers an abundant option of baked goods. There were pumpkin breads, huge brownies, and much more!

I opted for their oatmeal cranberry cookie. The large cookie was around $2.50 – pretty expensive for a cookie but the size makes up for it. The cookie was perfection. It was chewy but not too much that it would fall apart in my hands. There was a slight crunch to the outer rim, which is my idea of a wonderful cookie. 

Besides the food vendors that I tried, there were also Wafels & Dinges, Thai food, pretzels and lots of chocolate. One of the chocolate vendors, No Chewing Allowed!, offered free samples with the order of – “No Chewing!” The idea was to let the chocolate truffle melt in your mouth – which it did! I know I’ll definitely be back to purchase some chocolate truffles as Christmas gifts. At $12.99 a box they’re super affordable.

Now that you’ve read my experience at the holiday fair, go explore for yourself! The Holiday Market is open daily until December 24 so there is plenty of time to go have a walk around. I definitely recommend a visit to German Delights. Their drinks and bratwursts are the best! I know I will definitely be back so maybe I’ll see you there! Happy eating!

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