Union Square Holiday Market

After a day at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, the boyfriend and I decided to pay a visit to the other holiday markets around the city. Today we ventured downtown to the Union Square Holiday Market. There seems to be more vendors at Union Square, but the food options are a bit scarce. I think we only walked by three actual food vendors and about 5-6 dessert/baked goods vendors. There were two German Delights at Union Square, but neither of them sold bratwursts. The two stands only sold baked goods, apple cider, and Gluehwine. Wafels & Dinges also had a stand and they were selling their famous speculoos spread along with their delicious waffles.

We walked through the entire market before we found Mighty Balls. They offered their handmade meatballs in three formats: just balls (3 balls), on a hero (3 balls) and as a slider (1 ball). After you decide which form you want your meatballs in, you choose a sauce. They offer five sauces, which they also sell in jars for you to take home. After the sauce selection, you can choose to add a cheese for $1 extra. When we walked by, we smelled the meatballs and we knew we had to try them.

Mighty Balls doesn’t have a restaurant or a food truck. According to the ladies behind the counter, they’re sort of like wandering gypsies. They go wherever there’s a popup booth and set up camp. I find this extremely regretful because their meatballs are so good! 

After much deliberation (I just couldn’t choose which sauce!), we decided to go with beef meatballs on a hero with the “Not Your Average Brown Sauce”. I also added Mozzarella on top because I love mozzarella. Our hero was pretty big and could fill you up if you’re not sharing. The brown sauce, which had a gravy-like texture and taste, was delicious! The meatballs were soft on top and crunchy on the bottom.

We actually had something else at another vendor but then came back for one more snack. Round two was a pork slider with their “Tempting Tomato” sauce and gorgonzola cheese. The slider was the cutest little thing. Again, the cheese made a wonderful addition. We had previously heard the ladies behind the counter mention that adding Gorgonzola cheese to the meatballs was delicious so we decided to take their advice. I’m so glad we did because it really made the sauce pop. I thought the pork meatball was a bit harder then the beef, so I’ll definitely go for the beef next time.

Our next vendor was Bar Suzette. I’ve seen them before at Madison Square Eats but didn’t try them then (I was too busy going for the lobster mac & cheese at Red Hook Lobster Pound.). Bar Suzette specializes in crepes – both the sweet and savory kind. Their stand is decorated with large Nutella jars. I’m definitely sure they use a lot of it throughout the day.

For our crepe choice we decided to go with a savory crepe since neither of us has ever had one. I chose their Mozzarella and truffle oil crepe. The crepe maker is always ready to whip up a fresh crepe. He pours the batter onto the hot plate and then spreads it around the entire hot plate. After around 2 minutes of cooking, he flips the crepe and begins adding ingredients. First the shredded mozzarella cheese is put on the crepe. Then he adds truffle oil – which was very abundant. After that, he sprinkles some sea salt and grinds up some pepper on top. After all the ingredients are added, he rolls up the crepe into a triangle shape and puts it into a neat little holder.

Our crepe was delicious! The cheese was completely melted through. The truffle oil was so abundant that some bites caused oil to leak out. But it never felt oily at all. The sea salt made the crepe salty but not overly so. Each bite was heaven! You really must try their crepes!

After so many yummy foods, it comes time for dessert. We had walked by this stand on our search for real food and decided to return later. Robicelli’s sells cupcakes, whoopie pies, brownies and macaroons. They also sell hot chocolate with handmade marshmallows. Robicelli’s changes their cupcake lineup everyday, so you’re bound to be in for a surprise every time you pay them a visit!

I decided to go with the Tiramisu cupcake. The cake part was stiffer than typical but I thought it was pretty good. I liked that it didn’t fall apart when I bit into it. The crème on top was also stiffer than normal frosting. This I loved because the frosting didn’t smear all over the place when I ate it. 

Although the offerings at Union Square aren’t as abundant as Columbus Circle, I can see myself paying them another visit before they close on December 24th. They also have a food vendor called Taste of Persia, which sold three types of soup daily, which I didn’t try. Next to Bar Suzette was Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, which I’ve had at the San Gennaro Festival in September. They now offer their Eggnog flavored cannoli so I definitely want to try that one. Another famous name among the lineup is Momofuku Milk Bar, famous for their delicious cookies and crackpies.

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

The Union Square Holiday Market is open daily until December 24th, so there is plenty of time for you to get out there and explore!

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