Sanctuary T

A couple of months ago, was having a 90% off sale on their $25 for $10 restaurant certificates. I managed to snag a certificate for a restaurant named Sanctuary T for only $1.

It was a rainy day and we didn’t really know what to eat for lunch, so I ran through my list of restaurant deals (I have quite a lot of them). Sanctuary T was fairly close, just a short train ride away, so we decided on paying them a visit.

We arrived a little after the lunch rush on a rainy day, so we were seated immediately. We started off with some cold water while we perused their menu. The water had a mysterious taste to it- we narrowed it down to the use of flower petals in the water tank. They also have a variation of teas so I decided to try their Apple-Cinnamon Tea. The tea comes in a cup with a tea infuser to hold the dried apple and cinnamon. There aren’t any actual tealeaves in this brew, which made it a very different taste. A stick of rock sugar was also provided for you to decide how much to melt into your tea.

My entrée was the Stuffed Grilled Chicken. This dish came with a side of mashed polenta and steamed veggies. The Grilled Chicken was stuffed with ham and cheese followed by their own special sauce on top. The chicken was very delicious, but the highlight of this dish was the mashed polenta. The polenta, or mashed cornmeal, was very fluffy and almost melted in my mouth. I actually wouldn’t mind eating an entire bowl of it!

The boyfriend ordered their Traditional Fish and Chips, which was hand-battered Pollack served with house made tartar sauce and fries. The fries came in a tiny little metal bucket, which I thought was really cute. The fish came in one whole filet instead of a couple of separate pieces, which made the use of a knife necessary. The tar tar sauce was the highlight of the dish. It was so good that I started dripping the fries in it! It was very flavorful and definitely added a lot to the dish. The fries were also really delicious – they weren’t too soft or too hard. I’m often annoyed when I get fries that are too soft and oily. These were perfect!

The service wasn’t as attentive as I’d hoped. Our waiter disappeared and then reappeared often. It took a while for us to receive our waters and he also took our tea orders separately instead of waiting a bit for us to finish deciding. The prices at Sanctuary T are also a bit on the high side for a lunch. My stuffed chicken cost $18, which I think is a bit expensive for just a lunch! If you’re able to score a deal when they’re having a sale, definitely try this place out. But if you’re going on your own, I’d definitely recommend somewhere else that’s cheaper and has more attentive service. For Sanctuary T, I give them 3/5 stars.

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