Tiny but so large in flavor

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop, located at 129 Rivington in the Lower East Side, is perhaps one of the tiniest sandwich shops I’ve seen. The small storefront seats about 20 with most of the tables being two seaters. There are around two tables for a larger party of four. This sandwich shop offers waiter service although you can also take your sandwich to go. One distinctive feature of Tiny’s is that they offer their signature sandwiches with a vegetarian option. Their Spicy Rizzak, Southwestern Chicken, The Cobb and Buffalo Chicken sandwiches all come with a vegetarian option. Besides their signature sandwiches, you can even make your own sandwich in either a large or a small size with a variety of meats, toppings and sauces to choose from. Tiny’s also offers homemade sodas with special flavors like Thai Basil Lemongrass and Lychee White Tea.

On my visit to Tiny’s, I went with a friend and the boyfriend. We ordered three sandwiches – two of their signature sandwiches and one make-your-own-sandwich. First up is the Spicy Rizzak sandwich. This sandwich offers sliced turkey with crispy bacon, melted cheddar, tomato, onion, and a spicy chipotle mayo on a sesame semolina hero. The spicy chipotle mayo was a perfect compliment to the sliced turkey and the crispy bacon. The sauce was not too spicy, which is perfect for those who don’t like their foods too spicy. All of the sandwiches at Tiny’s come with a side of rippled chips, which was a really nice snack on the side.

Our second sandwich was another signature – The Cobb. The Cobb features grilled chicken, bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato with a blue cheese dressing on a sesame semolina hero. The Cobb is modeled after a typical Cobb sandwich but without the usual mayo or mustard. A typical Cobb sandwich also only has bacon. Personally, I believed that this was the best sandwich that we had because the blue cheese dressing really brought a tang to the standard bacon, avocado, tomato and lettuce mix-up. The use of grilled chicken in this sandwich was a really good bonus and made it more filling than the typical Cobb sandwich.

The last sandwich we sampled was one we created on our own. It consisted of breaded chicken cutlet with melted mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar spread over a semolina roll. This sandwich was created with the small option. The small option was actually quite big and was almost the same size as the large hero’s! This sandwich was very good and the cheese was melted to the point where it became chewy when you bit into the sandwich. The sandwich could have used a bit more balsamic vinegar because the lack of made the sandwich a bit dry.

All of the sandwiches came up to the price range of $8-9 for each. A bit pricey for a sandwich but they are big enough to completely fill you up! All the sandwiches were quite good but I believe the highlight wasn’t the meats, fillings or sauces. The highlight of the sandwiches was the bread. All of the sandwiches we sampled were made with either a sesame semolina hero or roll. The bread was very flavorful and soft. I firmly believe that the bread really did make the sandwich in this case.

I would give Tiny’s a 3/5 because the storefront was a bit cramped and the service wasn’t as attentive as it could’ve been. We were sitting for around 10-15 minutes before a waiter came to offer us a glass of water or even a menu. The redeeming factor of Tiny’s would be the sandwiches so my advice would be to get them to go instead of dining in.

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