The Dish

After finishing finals for the day, the boyfriend, two friends and I headed down to Chelsea for the American Apparel sample sale. Since it was around 12:30, we decided to head for some lunch before we hit the sale. A quick Yelp search led me to The Dish, which is a diner, located in the Chelsea area. I had a big craving for chocolate chip pancakes so I knew I had to give them a try.

When we arrived, we were given the option of sitting downstairs or upstairs. We chose downstairs because everyone was too lazy to walk up the stairs. We were immediately given menus and glasses of water. I already knew what I wanted, their banana chocolate chip pancakes, but my companions didn’t. The boyfriend’s eyes caught sight of the words “fish and chips” and also knew instantly. The night before I was telling him about a new fish and chips food truck traveling through Brooklyn and Manhattan so the idea was still fresh in his mind.

We decided to start off with a French Onion Soup, since we haven’t had it in a while. The soup came quick and was steaming hot. The melted cheese on top was perfection and the croutons in the soup were soaked with the oniony flavor. I crumbled some salted crackers into the soup after I finished all the croutons and it was oh so good. 

The boyfriend’s lunch order came with your choice of either a salad or soup. Since I ordered the French Onion Soup, the boyfriend decided to go with the salad. This was your typical salad with lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumbers with Italian dressing. Halfway through our appetizers, the boyfriend and I swapped dishes. He finished the rest of the soup while I ate the rest of his salad.

 My order of pancakes came with three gigantic banana chocolate chip pancakes. The pancakes came with a plate of butter and syrup. I drizzled all three containers of syrup on the pancakes and dug in. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious! The chocolate chips and banana slices were dispersed evenly throughout the pancakes. The combination was perfect.

The boyfriend’s order of fish and chips came with four pieces of beer batter fried fish and a side of fries. The fish was tender and soft and piping hot! The fries, though, was the best part of the dish. The fries were very crispy and crunchy. The worst fries are the ones that are soggy and wet. These fries were the exact opposite. I dipped the fries in the tartar sauce and kept sneaking them off of the boyfriend’s plate. I think I liked the fries more than the fish!

The service was quick and our water glasses were always full. I can definitely see myself coming back to Dish whenever I’m in the area. The only complaint I had about Dish was the bathroom. There was only one per floor and I had to wait an extremely long time for the lower level bathroom to be free. With such a big diner, they really could use more bathrooms. Therefore, I am giving Dish 3/5 stars. Definitely check them out if you’re in the area!

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