Peter Luger

After what felt like years of hearing about the greatness that is Peter Luger from various people, I finally got the chance to go recently. The boyfriend’s family and family friends were holding a holiday gathering at Peter Lugers and when I found out, I was ecstatic.  I started counting down the days and even cut lunch that day in order to save my tummy for the deliciousness.

If you’re never been to Peter Lugers, don’t worry because I you will tell you all about NYC’s #1 steakhouse. By the end of this post, I guarantee you’ll be drooling and hoping on the first reservation you can get!

First, let me talk about Peter Luger’s signature steak sauce. It’s tangy and sweet but also salty at the same time. I have no idea what it’s made out of but I know that there’s a bottle sitting in the fridge for the next time my family decides to cook up some steaks. We pretty much poured the steak sauce over everything because it tasted so good.


For our appetizer we ordered a couple of slices of bacon. Now, when I say bacon most of you are probably thinking of the kind we all eat for breakfast. But at Peter Luger, the bacon is about an inch thick and practically melts in your mouth. We ordered 8 to start but had to get more because our large party quickly polished it off. Before going, a couple of friends recommended that I try the bacon. Guys, you were right. It was heavenly. The bacon almost melted in my mouth. Drizzle some steak sauce on top and it was perfection.



We also ordered their tomato and onion slices as an appetizer. This is a really simply dish. You get slices of tomato that you drizzle their signature sauce onto. Then you dig in! The tomatoes were huge! After these two appetizers I was halfway full already!


After waiting around fifteen minutes or so after our appetizer, our steak and sides came. Since about six of us like our steak medium rare, they recommended that we order their porterhouse for six. We did exactly that and our side of the table got two large chunks of steak – all cut up and drizzled with steak juice. The steak was cooked just right. It was still pretty rare without any blood coming out of it. The meat was easy to chew and very flavorful. Add on some of their signature steak sauce and it was so good!


We also got a variety of sides to share around the table. We ordered their onion rings, which were very lightly fried. They weren’t like your standard heavy battered and deep fried onion rings. The onions were very sweet and easy to eat. There was hardly any onion aftertaste either!


We also ordered their creamed spinach as a side. When the boyfriend told me we were ordering creamed spinach I expected something creamy and cheesy. I was so wrong. Peter Luger’s creamed spinach is darker than most, but it definitely does not lack in creaminess. It was so smooth and light that I barely had to chew it before swallowing. I definitely recommend giving this side a try.


When the steaks arrived, the waiters gave each of us two pieces and scooped sides for us. I ended up with a huge chunk of potato hash, creamed spinach and onion rings. I quickly slathered some of their special sauce on top of my steak and dug in.


We were very full but when the waiters cleaned off our tables and offered us the dessert menu, we couldn’t resist. The boyfriend and I decided to share their “Holy Cow” ice cream sundae. This sundae features hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, and walnuts. We added their homemade whipped cream, or Schlag, on top. The whipped cream was phenomenal. It was soft and fluffy! I can definitely tell why they have their own special name for it because I have never tasted whipped cream like this before. The whipped cream combined with the hot fudge made the perfect end to a delicious meal. Because the ice cream was so cold, some of the hot fudge started to solidify so there were small chocolate chunks inside the vanilla ice cream. Perfection!

The boyfriend’s family friend ordered their key lime pie, which I had a sample of. It had the prevailing taste of limes but it wasn’t overpowering. The crust was just the right amount of solidity. Next time I’m at Peter Luger, I know I’ll be ordering their key lime pie because it was very delicious.

After our meal was over, the waiters cleaned our plates and threw some of their chocolate gold coins onto the table – one for each person at the table. On one side, is their crest and the other proudly boasts that they have been famous for over 100 years.

Our bill came out to be pretty impressive – even for a party of thirteen. Peter Luger is definitely not budget eating but you really do get the quality that you pay for.  If you have never went, I really do recommend paying them a visit. Pick a special occasion and go for a celebration. You won’t be disappointed!

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