Cornerstone Cafe

Despite it being one of our favorite meals, the boyfriend and I barely have time for brunch most days. But since it was winter break from school, we decided to meet up early for some good old breakfast foods. Since we rarely ever have time for brunch, we don’t really have a go-to place for it so the boyfriend did some Googling. He found a couple of places – but one in particular caught my eye. Their first picture on Yelp was pancakes covered in an assortment of fruits. The decision was made for me – I decided that we would go to Cornerstone Café, located in LES.

When we arrived, we entered a completely packed restaurant. The party of three in front of us in line was told it would be a fifteen to twenty minute wait. We were seated immediately because we were only a party of two. After being seated, we were given menus to peruse while the waitress got our waters. During our decision period, I noticed another party of three come in and put their name down. Their wait time was thirty minutes! The funny thing though was that both parties waited outside for the entire wait time. The boyfriend made a comment about the deliciousness of the food – it must be really good if people were willing to wait more than thirty minutes for a table.

I decided to go with their Texas French Toast ($8). I saw a picture on Yelp and it looked positively delicious. And to be honest, it was just that. My French toast came with four triangular slices or two full slices. It was topped with fresh whipped cream, banana slices and blueberries. There was also orange blossom honey on top of the slices of toast, which made it just the right amount of sweet. The toast was very light and fluffy! It almost melted in my mouth before I even got the chance to chew. The boyfriend was speechless after having a bite of the toast. It was so good!

The boyfriend decided to go with their baked eggs ($12). Neither of us have had baked eggs before and was wondering how it tasted. We had read glowing reviews on Yelp about the baked eggs so we decided to give it a try. The baked eggs come with either salmon or Italian sausage in a tomato sauce. The boyfriend decided to go with the Italian sausage. The baked eggs came out on a skillet, which was extremely hot! The eggs were also extremely hot as well. We had to blow on each bite for a while before we could even eat it! The baked eggs were even more delicious than the French toast. It was flavorful and cooked just right – the yokes were semi-solid and not runny at all. Even after we finished the two eggs, we kept eating the Italian sausage bits and the sauce.

We also ordered a side of home fries ($4), which they put separately into two plates. They were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The boyfriend and I actually started dipping the slices into the tomato sauce of his baked eggs!

The service was quick and although we didn’t see much of our waitress after she brought our food over, they were very friendly and nice. I couldn’t really blame them for not being around much since there was a completely packed restaurant for them to take care of. It was only a Friday afternoon and there were so many people!

I know I will definitely be back to Cornerstone Café any chance I can get. I am dying to try their Belgian waffles and Eggs Benedict. Both dishes looked amazing on the Yelp pictures. Our meal came up to around $35 including tax and tip, which is very affordable when split between two people. It’s a little bit out of the way to get to, with only the F and M trains stopping in the area, but I would make the trip for the French toast any day. Cornerstone Café, I give you a 5/5.

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