Best New Cupcakes?

So I heard that Georgetown Cupcakes was opening a branch in Soho and I knew I had to go. Nestled in the heart of Soho at Mercer Street, it’s relatively close to the N/R train stations, which makes the commute here very easy. They have a pretty effective system where the case of cupcake examples is placed in the front before the registers. You can check out the cupcake flavors of the day before you get on line – which speeds things up a lot. After you order and pay, you get a receipt and your number will be called. Once your number is called, they will ask you if you want it to say or to go.

They also have a menu of their cupcakes that you can check out as well. It’s a pretty extensive menu. There’s a section of cupcakes that are the same everyday. Then there is a section of cupcakes that change daily. And then there’s another section of cupcakes that you can preorder ahead of time. Oh, and they have monthly cupcakes too. Talk about a big range of choices!

After hearing so many good things about their Strawberry cupcake, I decided to go for that one. It’s the cutest cupcake ever! There’s a light pink frosting with a candy heart on top. This cupcake is the perfect little treat for your special someone! So I got the cupcake to go and when I got home and took it out of the bag, a strong strawberry scent came from the cupcake. Love it when food smells as good as it tastes!

But the taste, OH-MY-GOD. The frosting is amazing. It’s so soft and smooth that it almost melts in your mouth the moment you bite into the cupcake. The cake itself has little strawberry bits and is the softest piece of cake ever. I’m actually drooling a little bit just typing this up! It makes me so sad that this cupcake is only here for February 😦

I only had one of their cupcakes but I know I will be back for more! With flavors like Key Lime and Chocolate Banana coming up later in the week, I know I’ll make it a mission to try them all. I suggest you make a stop for one too! Priced at around $2.98 after tax, these babies are super affordable!

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