Update: Georgetown Cupcakes

Since I only had one cupcake the first time I paid a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes, I decided I needed to have maybe 2 to 3 more before I can pass final judgment on them. So the boyfriend and I made our way over to the new cupcakery on Friday and tried out some of their specials.

First of all, I really must comment on the way they package their cupcakes. Each cupcake is put into a pink box carefully. The box is then sealed with a sticker and put into a paper shopping bag. Super cute and it ensures that travel won’t destroy the cute cupcakes.

Now, onto the cupcakes themselves. I ordered two of their Strawberry cupcakes since I was such a big fan of it last time. And since Strawberry Lava Fudge is a February special, I decided to try that one too. The first bite was very messy. The second bite was also very messy. The main issue was the fudge drizzle on the top and the fudge core. The fudge drizzled gets all over your lips while the fudge core kind of explodes out the moment you bite. The fudge was very tasty but it was just a bit too much. 

I also had the regular Lava Fudge, which was a Friday special. This cupcake had the same problem as the Strawberry version. But I definitely liked this one better because the vanilla icing was less sweet than the Strawberry icing. With the amount of fudge in these cupcakes, even that little bit less of sugar makes a big difference.

Next was the red velvet. I hate to rag on this very cute cupcake but the frosting just wasn’t my thing. I almost felt like I was eating cream cheese right out of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese container. And don’t get me wrong, I love cream cheese – I smear it all over my bagels without remorse. But the fact that the frosting tasted exactly like what I put on my bagels didn’t work for me. I was expecting something cream cheesy but not that much!

The boyfriend isn’t a big fan of any of their cupcakes. He thinks they all kind of taste the same after a while, which I guess is true considering most of their cupcakes are either chocolate or vanilla. I, however, really enjoyed (and still do) their Strawberry cupcake. I am still a fan and whenever it’s back in rotation I will still make a visit to get some.

I might have judged Georgetown Cupcakes a bit too soon based on just one cupcake. For me, they’re not the new best cupcakery around. Their cupcakes are super cute but I wasn’t a really big fan of their Lava Fudge variations or their Red Velvet. I still recommend Sugar Sweet Sunshine for Red Velvet cupcakes – their satin buttercream is to die for. But since I am in love with Georgetown Cupcake’s Strawberry cupcake, I will be back – but probably not until May when I want to get some Mother’s Day cupcakes for my Mom. These cupcakes aren’t bad. In fact, they’re quite good. They’re just not the best I’ve ever had.

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