Winter Ball at the Mandarin Oriental!!

I usually don’t write blog posts about parties or banquets that have a set menu but I had such a great time last night at my university’s Winter Ball at the Mandarin Oriental that I had to rave about it. Upon entering, we were ushered into elevators to the 36th floor, where their ballroom is. Coat check was fast and after checking in, we entered the cocktail hour area.

First, the view was amazing! 36 floors above Columbus Circle really is a fantastic view at night. There were two bars – both serving nonalcoholic drinks like Shirley Temples, Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris and soft drinks. Waiters were walking around with cute hors d’oeuvres.

In between taking pictures with friends and of the amazing view, I managed to snag a few of the hors d’oeuvres. First was the Brie cheese topped with pesto on tomato and crackers. These were yummy. But then again it might be my love of cheese and pesto.

There were also Chicken Satay sticks! The boyfriend really liked these. He actually kept an eye out for these whenever the waiters refilled their trays.

After an hour of “cocktails”, we were ushered into the main ballroom, which was beautiful. Each table was adorned with a centerpiece that lit up on the bottom. The ceiling was beautiful – the lights were dim and reflected off the windows!

Our appetizer was a mixed green salad. Since the boyfriend is allergic to apples and I’ve learned not to eat them either, we picked those off and left it to the side. The salad was very simple – I liked the chunks of feta cheese. But it really wasn’t anything special. Kind of underwhelming.

Our main course was filet mignon with baby potatoes and thin fried onion strips. I’m pretty sure everyone at the tables finished up their entrees. I know I did! It wasn’t the best piece of meat that I’ve had but it was pretty good – especially since I’m eating it in the Mandarin.

And finally, onto my favorite part of every meal – dessert! They had set up a buffet style table for dessert and the boyfriend and I quickly made our way over to grab some.

First up is the crème brulee. They made these in tiny little baby ramekins and it was so adorable!

I also had their cheesecake, which was also a mini baby version. This one I gobbled up and so did the boyfriend. We both agreed that this was very good.

While we were all sitting down for dessert, some waiters were walking around with shot glasses filled with milk and baby chocolate chip cookies. Both the boyfriend and I thought it was super cute!

And to top off the night, there was a waiter walking around with a tray of mini ice cream cones. This really just made the night amazing. They were so adorable and very yummy.

I had an amazing time at the Mandarin Oriental. It was very comfortable, the music was great and the food was good. What more could I have asked for?

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