Sundaes and Cones

During one of our usual wanderings of the East Village, the boyfriend and I stumbled on Sundaes and Cones, an ice cream parlor. I’ve had Sundaes and Cones on my go-to list for a while now, ever since I saw pictures of their super cute cakes online at their website. You should definitely go check it out! They will work with you to create the cake that you want with the designs that you want. I’m already brainstorming for a cute design for the boyfriend’s birthday!

The boyfriend knew I wanted ice cream so he kindly offered to buy me a scoop…or two. There were so many that I couldn’t figure out which one I wanted! Bf suggested that I ask for the workers’ recommendations so I did. The girl behind the counter told me that their best sellers were the cookies‘n’cream and mint chocolate chip.

First of all, their ice cream is extremely soft for something that’s not soft serve. It just kind of slid off the spoon into my mouth without me having to use my tongue or teeth. Second, the ice cream was just the right amount of sweet. It wasn’t too much.

Out of the two, my favorite was the mint chocolate chip. And I don’t even like mint chocolate chip much! I quickly ate the entire mint chocolate chip scoop, only leaving behind some cookies’n’cream. The mint chocolate chip had a very good ice cream to chocolate chip ratio. There was an abundance of chocolate chips dispersed throughout the ice cream. And the mint! The mint was very light, more like a hint of it. I especially liked this because sometimes, the mint flavor can be too strong and overpowering the vanilla flavor. This was definitely not the case.

I definitely recommend paying these guys a visit if you haven’t already been. Very good quality ice cream!

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