Cha Chan Tang

Cha Chan Tang, located on Mott Street in Chinatown, is one of my go-to spots for breakfast and lunch when I’m looking for a quick meal. They opened up around a year ago and have gathered a lot of local attention since then. They specialize in Hong Kong style foods and drinks, which is quite different from the typical restaurants up and down Mott Street. They’re open early and serve breakfast until 11am daily so the boyfriend and I popped in for a quick meal before our day.

They have a set breakfast menu with 9 -10 options. Each option comes with your choice of a hot drink – hot milk tea, hot tea with lemon, hot coffee, etc. Some options come with buttered toast and some don’t. I favor sweetened toast so I ordered a separate order of it – it’s a must every time I go to Cha Chan Tang. Sweetened toast is simply just sweet condensed milk spread over toasted bread. It sounds so simple but it tastes so good! The sweet condensed milk melts over the toasted bread, making the sweet taste soak into the bread.

Set breakfast A comes with your choice of two of the three options: Soy sauce fried noodles, pork and egg congee, and Hong Kong style rice noodles. I chose to go with the soy sauce fried noodles and the pork and egg congee. Both of these dishes are a smaller size of their original orders. The soy sauce fried noodles is a very vegetarian dish – with only bean sprouts and scallions. These noodles weren’t too fried or oily and just enough to finish the entire plate.

The pork and egg congee was decent. I wasn’t too surprised that it wasn’t that good. The porridge was too runny. Cha Chan Tang’s congee also didn’t have enough preserved egg. I didn’t wind up finishing my congee because it was too runny and did not have enough preserved egg. For the best congee in Chinatown, walk up a bit to Big Wong – you won’t be disappointed.

The boyfriend also got the soy sauce fried noodles, but he chose to go with the Hong Kong style rice noodles instead. This is your basic steamed rice noodle but cut into bite-sized pieces with peanut sauce and hoisin sauce drizzled over it. This was really good and I know I will probably come back for it in the future.

Another frequent order of mine from the breakfast menu is the ramen noodles with a fried egg on top. Their ramen is always cooked just right – not too much so that it’s mushy and soft. The best way to eat this is to dunk the egg into the soup so it can cook up the yoke a little and then pop the rest onto the noodle. This dish is more than enough to fill you up! 

Our bill for two Set A breakfasts and a sweetened toast came up to just $9 without tip. For a filling breakfast, I think this is definitely a good deal! So head on over if you’re ever in Chinatown looking for a good and cheap breakfast.

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