Birthday Dinner Part Two – Bozu

When the boyfriend told me that we were having my birthday dinner in Brooklyn, I wondered for days where it could be. We usually don’t venture out into Brooklyn because we’re kind of unfamiliar with many neighborhoods. I’m really only well versed in the Bay Ridge/Sunset area. Most of the time we stay in Manhattan because the transportation is also easier. But this time, we hopped on the M train and made our way to Williamsburg.

After a short walk, we made our way to Bozu, which serves up Japanese cuisine. We arrived around 6pm and they were still getting ready. We didn’t mind because as the night wore on, we found out that walking in and getting a seat was extremely hard. When we were leaving around 7:45, a couple walked in and asked for the wait time. The host told them that he was sorry and couldn’t seat them at all tonight. The funny thing was that the table-for-two behind us was completely empty the entire time we were there. But yet this wasn’t the first couple he had turned down. Gotta love a restaurant that will turn down customers instead of risking making a party with a reservation wait.

The entrance of the restaurant was covered with hanging Japanese figures – all of them have a note written behind them by previous customers. The décor itself was pretty intimate. The front of the restaurant is boarded up with wood planks, which also hang from the ceiling to cover the lights. Very dark!

Bozu uses a special type of purification for their water, which makes it taste pretty damn good for water that came from the tap. I can’t quite remember the name but I was more than happy to sip on their tap water throughout the night.

Our first dish was their Pork Belly ($9), which features pork belly cooked in sake and sweet soy sauce. The pork belly is thinly sliced and topped with a dollop of wasabi sauce. No words can describe how delicious this dish was. I haven’t had Japanese style pork belly in so long that I almost forgot the taste. Bozu’s pork belly melts on your mouth. You don’t even need to chew! Just let it melt. The meat to fat distribution was also quite even, which was amazing. A lot of pork belly dishes have too much fat, which isn’t entirely healthy.

Our second dish was the Stuffed Mushroom ($5), which featured mushrooms stuffed with parsley, garlic, breadcrumbs, and butter. Mmmm. I loved the garlic and butter flavors of this dish. The inside of the mushrooms were piping hot but the taste of the filling made it all okay. I actually wound up eating 3/5 of these cause they were so good. Sorry boyfriend!

Our next dish was the Party Bomb ($21). Bozu is special because they specialize in sushi bombs, which are rounded mounds of rice with a fish topping. It’s quite different from your standard sushi because you don’t have to bite it. You can just pop it into your mouth and enjoy some quality fish. Each Party Bomb order comes with 12 pieces. There is a standard 3 that comes with the set – Pink Bomb, Mc Low Bomb, and Spicy Mc Low Bomb. You then get your choice of a Una Bomb, Spicy Una Bomb or Ikura Bomb. We decided to go with the Una Bomb, which is eel.

All Sushi Bomb orders come with a side of sauces for dipping. The first would be the regular soy sauce. The second is mild wasabi soy sauce and the third is the hot wasabi soy sauce. They come with little spoons to scoop the sauce onto your sushi bombs. I normally don’t like wasabi but the boyfriend convinced me to try the mild sauce. I was really surprised because I ate the rest of my bombs with the wasabi soy sauce. I couldn’t get over how good it was! Unlike the other wasabi’s that I’ve tasted, this one didn’t burn in the same way. There was a slight burn when you first eat it but after that it just tastes good. The heat doesn’t linger in your mouth.

We tried the Pink Bomb first, which is Salmon and Scallion. The salmon was very smooth and soft. I can’t remember the last time I had salmon this good. I think it might have been before my go-to spot in St. Marks closed down. Nori, I will forever mourn you.

Our next piece was the Mc Low Bomb, which Tuna topped with avocado and a wasabi cream sauce. I’m going to be completely honest here and admit that this was the best bomb of the bunch. I don’t normally like Tuna because my favorite fish is salmon but this one was amazing. The tuna completely outshone the salmon here. The tuna was just so fatty and smooth. I actually fought the boyfriend for the last piece!

The Spicy Mc Low Bomb is basically the Mc Low Bomb but with cucumber instead of avocado. They also use spicy mayo instead of the wasabi cream sauce. The whole bomb is then topped with kataifi, which is a sort of crunchy noodle-like substance. This one packed a bit more heat than the Mc Low. This was probably my least favorite bomb because after I poured the wasabi soy sauce on top of it, the katafi made it kind of hard for me to taste the wasabi.

Our final bomb was the Una Bomb, which is eel with a dollop of wasabi cream sauce. My stomach always has room for eel and theirs was really good. Most times, when you eat eel, you can feel the tiny bones in it. That wasn’t the case here. It was really smooth and tasted amazing with the wasabi soy sauce.

Our last dish was their Japanese Fried Chicken ($8), which was marinated and deep fried chicken with wasabi cream sauce on a bed of watercress. First things first, this dish didn’t even taste like fried chicken. It wasn’t like Popeyes or KFC where you can feel the dough and flour as you eat it. This fried chicken was very light and juicy. The chicken was so juicy that there wasn’t a single piece of dry chicken. The boyfriend and I even gobbled up the watercress on the bottom. Yum!

After our meal, our waitress came by with their dessert menu. I was really tempted by the green tea pudding but our waitress recommended their dessert of the day – Key Lime Pie ($6). This pie was very unlike the other key lime pies I’ve had at other restaurants. The crust was hard and the filling was smooth. There was also a lot of lime zest inside the filling. You could really taste the real lime flavor in every bite. This is how you know they didn’t make it with bottle limejuice.

I was really really happy with my meal and the boyfriend was too. The service was quick and the food was amazing. I really loved the fact that they had so much integrity to not give away a reserved table, even if the table wasn’t being filled for another two hours. I can definitely see myself coming back very soon. Word of advice though: make reservations! It is very hard to get in as a walk in – unless you come early like the we did.

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