Food Trucking Hunting Part 1

One sunny afternoon, the boyfriend, a friend and I decided we wanted Korilla. After a quick check on, I saw that they were at 45th and 5th, which is a just 3 train stops on the D train away. We decided to make our way over but upon arrival, informed me that they had moved to Columbia because of construction. MAJOR bummer. So since Korilla was a bust, we decided to see what else was in the neighborhood since we were already there. told me that Domo Taco was two blocks away. I had never heard of Domo Taco before, but the name made me think it was probably Japanese. Japanese Tacos?! That was something we had never had before.

Upon arrival, we saw a lime green truck with a taco on it. Actually, I think it looked more like a shrimp tempura taco with a mustache. There was a line already so we perused the menu while we waited for the line to get smaller.

Their menu consisted of various Japanese inspired taco fillings. They had a seafood option, a pork option, a beef option, a chicken option and even a vegetarian option. Even though the shrimp tempura taco looked appealing, we decided to try the Japanese Nacho Tots instead ($4).

The tater tots came packaged in a small container filled up to the brim with onion flakes. The tater tots were crunchy and hot. The added nacho cheese on top made it just that much better. Forget regular tater tots, next time I just want these!!

Since we were going food truck hunting, we decided not to get tacos and instead went in search for another truck. Stay tuned for part two!

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