Jebon Sushi

A few weeks ago I had purchased a Google Offers deal for Jebon Sushi, located in St. Marks in the East Village. I had been to Jebon before twice for their sushi, but haven’t been recently because their pricing was a bit high for sushi – especially since Sushi Park/May’s Place is just down the block.

The boyfriend and I arrived around 6pm and were seated immediately in the back section at a table for four. I appreciated this because it gave us space to put our bags and jackets. The service was attentive. We received waters right away and before we even decided a waiter came by to see if we had any questions. Since our deal was good for up to $40 we decided to order a couple of things.

First was the Salmon Lover Combo ($20) that came with 5 pieces of sashimi, 3 pieces of sushi and 1 salmon avocado roll. Each combo meal also comes with your choice of soup or salad. Their salmon sushi pieces are so long! I had to bite it in half! The salmon sushi was very good. The salmon was smooth and sweet. Yummy! Given the fact that both the boyfriend and I love salmon, we were fighting over who gets which last piece of this dish.

Our second order was three rolls. Of course the boyfriend always know that I need to order my favorite – Philadelphia roll ($5). There are two variations on what type of vegetable to use for this roll – cucumbers or avocados. Jebon uses cucumbers, which is my least favorite. I like my Philly rolls with avocado because it makes the entire whole so creamy along with the cream cheese.

We also ordered their eel avocado roll ($5), which was very good. I really love avocados in my sushi rolls so this was perfect for me. The eel pieces were a bit sparse so I wished there could be some more.

Our last roll was the spicy tuna roll ($6). The roll wasn’t very spicy at all. There was a hint of spice but even I, who can’t take spicy things, wanted a bit more heat in it. The tuna was very substantial though so that definitely made up for it.

The highlight of our meal was dessert. We had some money left over so we decided to get two desserts. Jebon gets their desserts from the Dessert Truck so I knew I had to try them. Our first dessert was the Chocolate Bread Pudding ($7). It came with a vanilla crème anglaise and a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding came hot and mixed really well with the ice cream. It almost tasted like a deconstructed chocolate soufflé.

Our second dessert choice was the Crème Brulee ($7). This one was my favorite! The custard was very smooth and the sugar on top wasn’t bitter like some places make it. The custard was my favorite. When the boyfriend couldn’t eat anymore, I finished the rest.

I enjoyed my meal at Jebon but for the full price of our meal – $80 including tips, it was a bit on the steep side for our usual meals. After the deal, our meal came up to just $12 per person, which was a lot better than the full $80. I might be back for dessert but I definitely wouldn’t stay for a full meal.

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