While wandering around the East Village one day, the boyfriend and I stumbled upon Otafuku, who specializes in Japanese street food. Their storefront is very small, with the only seating being a bench in front of the store. Most of the time, visitors get some goodies to go and eat somewhere else.

Since we had already eaten lunch, the boyfriend and I decided to share one order of their fried octopus balls, or Takoyaki. Their Takoyaki is prepared in an iron tray with little holes that are the size of the balls. There are always large batches that are already made so the wait isn’t very long.

One order of Takoyaki gets you six large balls with all the works – sauces and all. The balls were very moist! The octopus was cut into tiny chunks and stuffed into these balls of fried dough. It was also very chewy. The sauces, which are basically a sweet sauce and mayo, are drizzled all over the balls and you get a heaping amount with each bite. Gah! So good!

Otafuku also makes seafood pancakes, edamame, and Yakisoba (fried noodles). I would love to come back to try the pancakes one day when I’m not so full from lunch. Until next time, Otafuku!

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