Mac and Cheese Adventures

One of my favorite foods in the entire world is Mac and Cheese. Even when I was a little girl eating Kraft mac and cheese made by my dad, I still loved it. It might be the large amount of cheese but it’s always been a go-to order for me if it’s on the menu. I’ve since grown up a bit from Kraft boxed mac and cheese to more gourmet versions. Recently, I tried two mac and cheese specialty restaurants.

The first restaurant on my mac and cheese adventure was MacBar in Soho. MacBar specializes in mac and cheese. They have over 10 mac and cheese options on their menu – ranging from sandwich themed to pizza themed. The entire store is actually shaped like a macaroni elbow. And their cutlery comes snapped together. Super cute!

The boyfriend and I shared the small cheeseburger mac and cheese ($6.99). It was more than enough to fill us up as a snack. This particular mac and cheese features ground angus beef, cheddar cheese and American cheese. The macaroni came out super hot with a crunchy crust. I really liked this mac and cheese because it made me feel like I was five-years old again and eating mac and cheese made by my parents. I can definitely see myself coming back to try out their other flavors – like mac lobsta’ and mac quack.

The second restaurant on my mac and cheese adventure was Beecher’s Cheese, which is location in the Flatiron area. I recently started my summer internship and this restaurant-slash-cheese shop is located right down the block. It’s a no brainer that a cheese lover like myself would stop by eventually for lunch. I went with their Beecher’s World Best Mac and Cheese (~$10 with tax). This is more of a grown up mac and cheese since it’s made with penne instead of macaroni. They use their very own Beecher’s Flagship cheese and Beecher’s Just Jack Cheese to make this dish. The result is a mac and cheese heavy in cheese flavor but a bit salty and a bit spicy at the same time. I purchased their bowl option and it was more than enough for two meals for me.

My goal for my next stop on my mac and cheese adventure would be S’Mac so stay tuned for that review!

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