Since it was the Boyfriend’s birthday we decided to start the day off with a nice Brunch. Between school and work, we rarely have time for brunch- especially not on the weekends since we like to sleep in. It was a bit of a search to find a place that is reputable, has good food and serves brunch on weekdays. A lot of the places I found on Yelp only serve brunch on weekends, which is a big bummer. Finally, we decided on Tartine – they serve brunch daily until 4pm. Their brunch menu was also pretty interesting. They offer a variety of options for $15.50, which includes your choice of entrée, orange juice, and tea or coffee.

Since we arrived around 10:30 on a weekday, the place was pretty empty. We were seated right away – our choice of seats. We both kind of already knew what we wanted to order but we took a look at the menu while our waiter brought us our teas and orange juices. Nothing is better than orange juice first thing in the morning!

I had my heart set on their Eggs Norwegian, which features a poached egg on top of lox and an English muffin. They didn’t have lox that day (major sad face) so I went with their Eggs Benedict. Each order comes with a side of potatoes, which tasted amazing with a bit of ketchup. The Eggs Benedict was good – although the English muffin was a bit over toasted. The only problem I had was with the eggs – they were more soft-boiled than poached. It wasn’t a deal breaker though so I’ll definitely be back to try the Eggs Norwegian.

The Boyfriend went with their Thyme Roasted Salmon Sandwich, which features salmon, fennel slaw, and tapenade aioli on top of chiabatta bread. At my first bite, this tasted like a salmon BLT. There is a similar texture but in general it tastes very different. The Boyfriend was in love with this sandwich – but then again, he loves everything salmon. He definitely wants to return for this – forget everything else on the menu.

The service was quick and we were in and out within an hour. We did go on a weekday, however, so I can’t say much about the service or the wait time during the weekend. I’ve heard that wait times can go up to 45 minutes for a table.

Quick tip: They include suggest gratuity on the bill so make sure you check. I almost paid double tip because I didn’t realize that it was included in the total.

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