Sea Thai

I first heard about Sea Thai when a friend mentioned to me that there was a Thai restaurant in Williamsburg that had a huge water pond in the middle of the restaurant. I dismissed it at the time because the location was a bit far from the train stations in Williamsburg so the travel put me off. However, when the Boyfriend’s parents decided to go because they read good reviews, I was all for it because we’d be traveling by car. We arrived around 5:50 so we took a walk around to see what other restaurants there were in the area. We walked by the Williamsburg branch of Chai Thai, which I have blogged about before. It’s actually right across the street from Sea Thai.

We were very surprised by the size of the restaurant – it was huge! The waiting area was quite cute. There was a bubble chair hanging from the ceiling as well as two swings. Past the waiting area and bar was the water pond. Around the pond are several tables for two. Since we were a larger party, with 7 people, we were seated past the pond. Larger tables for 8 people are in the center with bench chairs. Smaller tables for 4 people are by the walls in darker lighting.

The first thing we did when we sat down was order drinks. We knew the food would be spicy so we all ordered a tall glass of Thai Iced Tea ($4). Sea Thai offers many flavors of Thai Iced Tea – mango, lychee, guava and pineapple. I decided to go with the Guava Thai Iced Tea, which was very sweet. I actually liked the Boyfriend’s Pineapple Thai Iced Tea more so I wound up stealing the last couple of sips from his. I highly recommend their Thai Iced Teas!

We then ordered some appetizers while we looked over the large menu to decide on our entrees. One of their special appetizers of the day was Hoi Jor or Crispy Crab and Prawn rolls that are wrapped in silken tofu ($7). The dish comes with a side of Sriracha mayo and sweet honey sauce for dripping. This was easily my favorite appetizer of the day. The Sriracha mayo was just the right amount of spicy. Combined with the chewy roll bites, it was perfection.

We decided to go with their Appetizer Sampler, which is another special of the day ($12). The Appetizer Sampler features their Pad Thai Spring Roll, Esan Thai Sasage, Curry Triangle, Veggie Dumplings, and Pot Stickers. Out of all the appetizers in the sampler, I thought the Pot Stickers and Pad Thai Spring Roll were the best. The Spring Roll was very crispy and crunchy. The Pot Stickers, made out of chicken and wrapped in their house skin, was very moist and juicy. If you’ve never been to Sea Thai and want to try out their large variety of appetizers, this is the way to go.

We ordered a separate order of their Puffy Duck ($6). Their Puffy Duck uses grounded up roasted duck meat and potatoes and stuffs it into a pastry-like puff. The dish comes with a cucumber-onion salsa for dipping, which gave it the extra kick. There was a very distinct taste of curry in the Duck puffs. I would definitely recommend ordering this dish just to have a try of one of their most recommended appetizers.

Our last appetizer was their Sea Chicken Wings ($5). Despite the fact that the menu says chicken wings, this dish comes with drumsticks as well. The sauce is a tamarind chili sauce but I didn’t find it very spicy at all. If anything, it was more sweet and sour than spicy. These wings had me licking my fingers to get rid of the sticky sauce.

The first entrée to arrive was the Tamarind Whole Fish ($20). This dish features the same tamarind spicy sauce that was used in the chicken wings but it’s poured over a whole red snapper instead. The fish is fried so that it’s nice and crispy and you have to cut it open yourself at the table. The Boyfriend’s father had the job of doing that so we all just picked off the fish until only bone was left. Despite the fact that it used the same sauce as the chicken wings, the fish was a lot spicier. The sauce, especially, gave your taste buds a very hot burn.

Since we were at a Thai restaurant, we definitely had to order a curry dish. We went with the Bangkok Panang Curry with Shrimp ($13). This dish is meant to be a sweet and medium spicy curry. The curry order came with three triangles of jasmine rice, which was perfect since we didn’t want to fill up on rice. I really enjoyed this curry because it was sweet and spicy. There was the very distinct taste of coconut milk, which is always welcome. I think it was my favorite dish of the night because it was spicy but not too spicy.

Next up was the Isan Fried Rice ($12). This dish featured Thai sausage, egg, tomato, and scallion. This was possibly the spiciest dish of the night. Even the Boyfriend and his mother, who both can take their spicy foods, said it burned as they ate it. The spice didn’t go away either. It continued to burn as you ate other foods and drank down cups and cups of water.

Equally as spicy was the Drunk Man’s Noodles ($11). This dish features broad noodles with chicken, shrimp and squid. It is stir-fried with spicy basil chili and egg. The noodles came in a very tiny copper wok-like bowl. However, while the dish looks small, it is very filling. The more we ate, the more noodles seemed to appear. T was never-ending!

We were all so stuffed from dinner but I was in desperate need of some ice cream in order to cool down my tongue. I decided on their Fried Ice Cream. It features Vanilla Ice Cream that is fried and then lit on fire at your table. The waitress poured rum around the ice cream ball and lit it on fire. You have to blow out the fire on your own or else it’ll start to really burn the dough. The inside was cold and the perfect relief to a dinner full of spicy foods.

I will definitely be returning to Sea Thai to sit by the pond. The best part of the entire night was the fact that the waiters and waitresses were Thai. I’ve been to many Thai restaurants where the employees and owners were Chinese or Malaysian. It was a nice touch to have servers that really know about the food.

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