Big Daddy’s Diner

Now that I intern and the Boyfriend does as well, we usually have lunch near my office once a week. I had decided that I wanted a burger so I told him to spend some time looking for someplace we can get a good burger. Shake Shack is actually just a few blocks away but I would never be able to get a burger and finish eating it within the one hour lunch period I have.

He found Big Daddy’s Diner, established in 2004. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for long, it has that old diner feel. All the seats inside are booth tables, which makes me think back to when my family and I used to eat at roadside diners during road trips to Virginia and Maryland. We were seated immediately upon arriving and started off with drinks and appetizers.

I knew I had to get a milk shake because what else do you eat burgers with? Their milkshake menu isn’t small but I managed to narrow it down to their Hoolie Coolie Banana Split Smoothie ($6). This is a chocolate shake blended together with bananas and chocolate sauce and then topped with whipped cream. It was so delicious. The milk shake was blended very well and did not take much effort to get through the straw.

Our waiter started us off with their Really, Really Good Mozz Styx ($8).  And the menu didn’t lie – they were really, really good. The mozzarella sticks were crunchy and crispy. The mozzarella inside was heated to just the right degree – the cheese wasn’t stringy. I love stringy mozzarella but not so much inside my cheesesticks because it makes it so awkward to eat them by bites. These did not have that problem whatsoever.

I decided on their The Original Big Mac Daddy Burger ($12), which comes with special sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions and pickles. This burger was cooked just to my request and was very juicy – but not so much that it soaked through and made my burger bun fall apart. This burger was basically what I expected a real Big Mac would taste like – without the mystery burger meat at McDonalds. I could only finish half my burger though but they were very helpful when I wanted to take it with me to go.

The Boyfriend chose their Dude Burger ($14) with maytag bleu cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms. He chose to put chili and cheese on his fries, which was the best decision ever. Instead of eating my own fries, I kept stealing fries off his plate. He also didn’t finish his entire burger, which made me think that next time, we order one burger to share.

Their portions are extremely big for the price they charge so be careful  when you order or else you won’t finish!

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