Ladurée Part Two

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Ladurée’s macarons. So when I heard that they had a new summer flavor out, I had to go try it. Since the Boyfriend had an internship interview in the Upper East Side, I decided to make my trip to Ladurée while he was occupied. Since I arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon, there was barely a line. I was in and out within 5 minutes since I already knew which flavors I wanted.

If you’re not traveling or gifting the macarons, I always say their 8 in a pastry box is the best deal. You get to try 8 different flavors or repeat your favorite flavors for the price of $21.60. A gift box of 6 is about the same price. And since I’m here to get the most tastes for my money, I always chose this size.

Since I’ve tried most of their flavors and some don’t sound like my taste, I decided to go with a few repeats. I went with 3 Rose Petals, since the Boyfriend didn’t get a chance to try them last time. I also chose 2 Pistachios for that same reason. I’ve heard great things about their Vanilla and since I didn’t try that one last time, I decided on just one. And finally, 2 of their new flavor Strawberry Guimauve.

Let’s start with the Strawberry Guimauve, which is part of Ladurée’s “Incroyable” collection. These macarons features two pink shells sprinkled with bits of sugar. The shells are filled with “guimauve”, which is a smooth marshmallow filling. The whole thing is perfumed with strawberry perfume. According to the postcard they gave out with the macarons, Strawberry Guimauve is meant to bring back the taste of your childhood.

I enjoyed this macaron. The sprinkled sugar made me think of sugar cookies – but strawberry flavored. The Marshmallow filling was a very departure from the usual buttercream or ganache filling. My only problem with it was that the marshmallow filling made it bit harder to take pretty bites out of the macaron. It held the shells together very well – but perhaps too well for my tastes.

The Vanilla Macaron was colored a bit like the Pistachio. The filling, however, was completely different. The Vanilla had a ganache filling, which as I’ve said before, isn’t my favorite. I’m more of a cream filling macaron fan so I think I am a bit biased when I rate this macaron. It was good but it definitely wasn’t the best for me.

There was a strong taste of vanilla bean and you can actually see some of it in the filling. It was a tasty macaron, but definitely not my favorite at Ladurée.

I did successfully convert the Boyfriend into a macaron lover – at least a lover of Ladurée’s Rose Petal and Pistachio. For someone who is not very into sweets, he ate the Rose Petal and Pistachio very quickly. He had to admit that the Rose Petal was amazing. Perhaps next time I will just get a whole box of Rose Petals and Pistachios!

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