Bait & Hook

Periodically I take a look at new restaurants on Yelp and try to figure out if any of them are worth visiting. During my latest Yelp search, I found Bait & Hook, a seafood shack located in the East Village. We had reservations for another restaurant, but the Boyfriend was craving seafood so we quickly canceled and made our way over. Bait & Hook currently have a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, but that’s only based on 8 reviews. But judging from my first experience there, I can tell that the rating will definitely last! We arrived around 6:15 and were seated immediately. Our waiter was occupied with another table at first so we made our drink orders with another waiter. During Happy Hour, they offer $1 oysters and $5 draft beers. You get to choose from their entire draft beers menu, which I appreciated. There’s nothing worse than when a restaurant only offers a few options for Happy Hour. The Boyfriend went with Magic Hat #9, which is light with a hint of apricot (the glass further back). It was nice and sweet, which was quite refreshing. I had actually wanted the Magic Hat #9 as well but since he made his order first, I chose something else. I went with the Fisherman Seasonal Oktoberfest, which has a light and smooth taste. Despite the bitter finish description, I didn’t think it was too bitter at all. We decided to share the White Clam Pizza ($13.00) for our appetizer. The moment our waiter put the plate on the table, I could smell the garlic and olive oil from the pizza. Despite the other dishes placed on our table, I went straight for the pizza first. The pizza was about 8 inches and covered in fresh clams and cheese. The dough was crispy and crunchy and didn’t feel too oily at all. I’m so glad we decided to go with the pizza instead of the calamari because this dish was so delicious! I went with the Lobster Mac & Cheese ($16.00) with three cheeses as my entrée. It was probably the best lobster mac & cheese that I have ever had! It was far better than Poco and Red Hook Lobster Pound. Poco’s lobster mac & cheese is a bit on the watery side – although it is still good, I like my mac & cheese more gooey. Red Hook’s lobster mac & cheese is gooey enough, but does not have enough chees flavor. Bait & Hook’s lobster mac & cheese was gooey, cheesy and they used my favorite part of a lobster – the claws! The mac & cheese was baked, which is my favorite kind. This was easily the best dish of the night. The Boyfriend went with the Fish & Chips ($13.00), which comes on a slider bun. Although the menu says French fries, his order came with a size of mixed greens. The mixed greens were so fresh and light that I kept reaching over to steal bites of it. The fish & chips were also very crispy and fresh. The tartar sauce was phenomenal – it really does make or break the dish. The Boyfriend cleared his entire plate – not even a crumb was left! The service wasn’t super attentive but the food more than kept us occupied throughout the night. The dining room was about 70% full by the time we left, which isn’t bad for a new restaurant. Actually, for a relatively new restaurant, Bait & Hook has a great draft beer list as well as amazing food. I know for sure that I’ll definitely be back to try out the rest of the menu.

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