Columbus Circle Holiday Market 2012

Every winter, the entrance to Central Park turns into a festive fair and I’m always super excited when it does. Every winter, new vendors come to fill the tiny white and red-stripped tents. I love browsing around the tents to see all the things that are on sale – jewelry, winter gear, chocolates, candles, and other knickknacks. My favorite part of the market though, is the food section. The food is always concentrated in the middle of the tents and each year someone new always comes. This year, the standard German Delights and Wafels & Dinges were there. Sonrisa Empanadas were also there. I had tried those last year and they were pretty good. This year, I noticed Bar Suzette, known for their crepes, and Mexicue, who has 2 storefronts and a truck. The first we tried was Mexicue, since I’ve been hearing so much about their Green Chili Mac and Cheese from various foodie websites ($4.00 per cup). I thought the green chili was a bit weird but boy was I wrong. The mac and cheese had a tiny taste of chili but not too much. It was so cheesy! The noodles weren’t mushy at all, despite the fact that it’s premade and not cooked on the spot. I wish there was a little more cheese topping though! We also tried their Brisket Topped Green Chili Mac and Cheese as well (extra $2 per topping) and it was just as good. The brisket was soft and tender and the juices leaked down into the mac and cheese. My only gripe with this was the fact that it was a bit difficult to get to the mac and cheese with so much brisket on top! IMG_2635 IMG_2633IMG_2652 Next up was Bar Suzette, who is known for their crepes. But surprise! This Bar Suzette stand was selling burgers! We weren’t too upset though, because we noticed another stand that was selling crepes. We were happy with burgers too! I left the deciding up to the Boyfriend because I was sitting down on one of the yellow benches nursing my mac and cheese from Mexicue. The Boyfriend came back with their Bistro Burger ($6), which comes with an organic beef patty, cheese, arugula and tomato. He opted to add on mushrooms for an extra $1. And boy, was that burger good. The patty had just a little bit of pink left in the middle, which is just the way I like my burgers. The mushrooms and cheese melted perfectly into each other and all the juices were leaking out. I didn’t even need ketchup for this burger – it was so juicy! IMG_2637IMG_2641

On our next trip to the market, we tried out Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen, which sells grilled cheeses. They have three options for grilled cheese, all of which looked amazing. I decided to go with their Cheddar Grilled Cheese ($6), since it was the more original sandwich. The wait was a bit longer than I expected for a grilled cheese but they were also pretty popular since it was lunchtime. Each grilled cheese comes packed nicely in a folded box so there’s never any mess. Perfect for taking back to work or school! The grilled cheese was very cheesy and the Italian country bread was very crunchy as well. My one problem with it was the oil – it was a bit oily and I had to use a napkin to eat my half of the sandwich. IMG_2650IMG_2651 There’s a couple of more things that I haven’t gotten to yet but with all of December left, I know I will definitely attempt to try them all! But before I go, let me leave a tiny plug for Beurre & Sel’s cookies, which we discovered on our way out of the fair one-day. They have a variety of flavors and each batch of cookies comes inside these cute little plastic containers. I tried their Classic Jammers ($14), which features Blueberry Streusel and their Sable ($14), which is a shortbread sugar cookie. Both are very delicious – soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. If you’re in the mood to splurge, definitely try them out! IMG_2643

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