Columbus Circle Holiday Market Pt. 2

Now it’s time for Columbus Circle Holiday Market Part Two! Since my last blog post, I was able to try two more food items from the Holiday Market. I repeated two food stands in this blog post, but they just looked too good to give up. I wanted desperately to try a new food stand but the moment I walked into the food section of the Holiday Market and walked by these food stands, I knew I had to try the rest of their menus.

First up is Mexicue, which serves up the most amazing mac and cheese. But this time I didn’t stop for mac and cheese. This time, I was here for their Tostilocos ($5.00), which is basically a bag of Fritos topped with their signature chili, lime paste and cotija cheese. This might sound a little weird, but let me tell you, it was delicious! Since they serve it inside the Fritos bag, it takes a little bit of Tetris-style maneuvering before you can mix the chili with the Fritos, but it is definitely worth it. The chili gives the Fritos a sweet and spicy flavor. Since the chili is poured in piping hot, the Fritos are a little warm as well. You’ll need a fork or a spoon for this, so make sure you grab one before you leave.


Next up is Bar Suzette, which is another repeat. Last time I had their Bistro Burger. This time, I decided to try their hand-cut fries ($5.00) and their Park Royale Burger, which features a double patty and unlimited toppings ($10.00). I originally wanted their Bistro Burger with an egg and mushrooms but seeing as how egg + mushroom already cost $3 extra, I figured I might as well go with the Park Royale.

First off, the fries were super crunchy. They top their fries with enough salt and garlic that you do not even need ketchup for it. Each fry is long, slender and crunchy.


Now onto the burger. This burger was a bit of a challenge to eat. I ordered mine with mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and an organic egg. Add on two patties and my burger was piled so high that I couldn’t even fit the entire burger into my mouth. If you are hungry and in the mood for a delicious burger, you should definitely try Bar Suzette out. Get the egg – you won’t regret it.


I usually get the wine (non-alcoholic) or apple cider from German Delights whenever I’m at the Holiday Market, but this time I decided to try the Thai Iced Tea ($2.00) from the Thai Kitchen. It was so good! It was definitely on par with some of the best Thai restaurants that I have been to. The color was just right and it was just the perfect amount of sweetness. We actually had three of these during our visit to the Holiday Market.


And before I leave, I’m gong to drop a plug for Sweater Toys, one of the vendors at the market. Meet Walt, he’s a narwhal made out of soft recycled sweaters. Isn’t he cute?


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