Muk Eun Ji

Every semester, the club that I am in at school holds three dinner outings to different Asian restaurants around the city. For this semester, we had agreed on a Korean restaurant. We had been to two restaurants in KoreaTown in the previous semesters so we wanted to try a new one – Muk Eun Ji. Making reservations was extremely easy – even for our large group of 20 people. We arrived about 20 minutes early but they were able to seat us. The outside might look small but it’s actually pretty large on the inside. There is a second floor, which was where we were seated. The prices are pretty reasonable for the portion sizes. We decided to start off with some appetizers for the table. We ordered their Fried Dumplings ($9.99), which were hot and crispy. Our waitress gave us the recommendation for them since they were homemade. We also ordered some seafood pancakes and kimchi pancakes for the table, which came out crunchy and piping hot. The kimchi pancakes weren’t too spicy at all, which I appreciated. IMG_2655 We also ordered a plate of Ddukbokki to share ($15.99). The Ddukbokki was spicy, but not overly so. The spice was just enough to give your taste buds a kick without requiring an obscene amount of water to cool down your tongue. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish – the dduk was soft and chewy while the fishcakes were well cooked. IMG_2658 The Boyfriend ordered their Kimchi Soon Doo Bo, or kimchi tofu soup ($11.99). They crack an egg into the soup for you before they serve it to you, which is perfect. The egg has extra time to cook inside the soup – unlike the restaurants that allow you to crack the egg into the soup yourself. The tofu soup wasn’t too spicy despite its bright red color. The Boyfriend finished his entire bowl of rice before he even finished his tofu soup, which just goes to show how delish the soup tasted. IMG_2656 I went with the Kalbi Bibimbap ($14.99), which was unbelievably delicious. I have only ever had bibimbap with ground beef before so this was a pleasant surprise. The juicy kalbi gave the rice a lot of flavor. I didn’t even really need to red pepper paste in order to give the rice flavoring. Since the bibimbap was served in a stone pot, the rice and toppings remained warm throughout the entire dinner. The egg was also nicely cooked due to the stone pot’s heat. IMG_2657 The service was fast and we all received our orders in a timely manner. In fact, we were all astonished how fast they got all our orders to us since we were such a large party. The banchans were a plenty and they were more than willing to provide us with more kimchi when asked. In fact, we had to keep asking for more kimchi because it was so good. We were all in agreement when we said that we would definitely be back for dinner here. Everything went incredibly smoothly and all the dishes that we ordered was delicious.

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