Dessert Club Chikalicious

After countless unsuccessful attempts to stop by Dessert Club Chikalicious, the Boyfriend and I finally made it! After dinner in the East Village, we headed over for some dessert to finish off our night. I was actually eying the banana pudding at our dinner restaurant but the Boyfriend suggested that we walk the two blocks over to Chikalicious to grab dessert instead.

When we arrived, all four two-seater tables were taken and only the bar was available. After we ordered, however, one of the tables opened up and I quickly grabbed it. It does get a bit cramped inside the tiny store front, but the desserts are more than worth it.

We decided to get the banana pudding ($4.95) since we didn’t get it after dinner. The Boyfriend says that the banana pudding here is better than Magnolia’s famous banana pudding. I had to agree with him. Despite the smaller size in an order, the banana pudding here tasted fresher. The bananas were abundant and the pudding wasn’t too sweet. As someone who has been trying to replicate the pudding at Magnolia’s at home, I can definitely taste the difference in the two. Magnolia’s, while good, is a lot more sweet and the Nilla wafers are soaked through – indicating that it had been made the night before and left to soak. The pudding at Chikalicious had some Nilla wafers that were soaked and some that were still crunchy. I wished there was more to it when we got to the end!

I also wanted to try one of their cupcakes and the S’mores ($2.85) one caught my eye. The idea of a toasted marshmallow top to a cupcake was very different. I have to say it was very good. Although the cupcake itself wasn’t the best texture that I’ve ever had, the marshmallow top made it well worth it. The top was so fluffy and sweet that I felt like I was eating a cloud. Yum!

We also ordered a Raspberry bubble tea with lychee tapioca to go and it was a perfect thirst quencher! The lychee tapioca was true to its name. Service is quick and friendly – I can definitely see myself coming back to try their adult chocolate pudding or their brioche bread pudding.

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