Embers Steakhouse

On our way to dinner in Staten Island, the Boyfriend’s mother suddenly remembered that her friend had recommended a steakhouse in Bay Ridge. She mentioned that it was in the 90’s and on 3rd Avenue. It baffled both the Boyfriend and I because we didn’t know about Steakhouses in Bay Ridge. Having gone to high school on 99th and Shore Road, I was very familiar with Bay Ridge and its restaurants. The only steakhouse I knew about was Chadwick’s. Most of the time when I have to recommend a restaurant in Bay Ridge I usually tell people to go to Gino’s, which was to be our backup if we didn’t find this restaurant.

After some searching we found Embers on 95th and 3rd Ave. It’s unassuming storefront completely hid the restaurant that was inside. For four years, I walked by this restaurant on the way to school and didn’t even realize there was a steakhouse there – that how ordinary it looks! Since it was early we were seated immediately and given menus to peruse. They do have a prix fixe menu that’s available everyday for the low price of $27 but we decided to order our own individual entrees.

After a quick Yelp search, we read some reviews on what dishes were good and made our orders. We decided to start with their Jumbo Lump Maryland Crab Cake with a garlic mayo sauce ($14). Yelp did not lie! The Crab Cake was very moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The Garlic mayo was just a little spicy which gave the crab cake the extra kick. I would definitely order this dish again.

Our second appetizer was their Sautéed Prince Edward Island Mussels in the white wine and parsley sauce ($11). The mussels were very big and plump! I’m used to tiny mussels when we order them for appetizers so this was a very nice surprise. The Mussels were very plump and the white wine sauce was delicious. The portion size was very generous and we had more than enough to go around.

The Boyfriend and I decided to share the Porterhouse for two ($62). The beef was cooked to perfection. It was exactly how we like it – pink enough but not to the point where the meat is still bleeding. The portion size was insane. There was so much beef that we couldn’t finish it. I would definitely recommend ordering the porterhouse for two and sharing it between three people – unless you have a big eater.

Each entree order comes with your choice of a baked potato or a potato pie and your choice of their vegetables of the day. Their choice of the day was either corn or cauliflower so I decided to go with the corn. Yelp recommended their potato pie so I went with that one. Their potato pie is kind of like mashed potatoes baked again in the oven with mozzarella cheese mixed in. It was very good but also very filling.

I tried a bit of the Boyfriend’s mom’s dish – Sautéed Chicken Piccata with lemon and white wine sauce ($20). The Chicken was very tender and not dry at all.  My only gripe with the dish was that the chicken was a bit salty as a result of the lemon and white wine sauce. It would’ve been perfect with a little less salt.

We finished off the night with their Embers Peach Melba, which is syrupy peaches with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and whipped cream on top. The whipped cream, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream was delicious. I felt like I was eating an ice cream sundae. The peaches were good too but the dessert would’ve been good with or without it.

We spent around $140 without tip for four people – three of which had steaks. I would definitely return to Embers because there is no way I could ever get those prices in Manhattan for the quality of food that we received. Someone on Yelp mentioned that if you cannot get a table at Peter Lugers, head on over to Embers. I agree with him. The steaks are just as good, if not better. The only thing I can see Embers missing is the Peter Luger Sauce and the delicious, mouth-watering bacon.

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