HK Tea and Sushi

HK Tea and Sushi is one of those restaurants the boyfriend and I like to go to at least once a month. His parents love eating here because it reminds them of home and I love eating here because I can choose to eat sushi even if everyone else wants to eat chinese. Sometimes I like that I have the option – despite the fact that most of the time I still order Chinese. I can get sushi anywhere but I can’t get HK inspired food this good anywhere.

One of my very first meals at HK Tea and Sushi, I ordered a la carte from their sushi menu. Their sushi menu offers each piece at just $1 and that includes sashimi. Regular rolls are usually less than $5. I ordered 5 pieces of their salmon sushi, 5 pieces of their salmon sashimi and a Philadelphia roll all for less than $15. They also have very cheap combo deals for their sushi rolls so it’s definitely a steal.

Most of the time when we go now, we usually order to share for the entire table. Their dishes are so big that none of us can finish one on our own. One of our must-orders is their broad noodles with egg and shrimp. The dish is huge and tastes amazing even the next day. There is always an abundance of egg and shrimp – they do not skimp on their ingredients. The wetness of the noodles really gives the dish a lot of flavor. Quick tip: if you don’t like peas, make sure you let them know to not add them.

One of my favorites is their White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice. This dish alone is enough to feed two people and then some. They also don’t skimp on this dish – there is an abundance of squid, shrimp, fish and scallops. They also throw in onions and pepper to give the dish some added flavor. But remember to remind them not to put peas if its not your thing!

We usually get an order of their French Toast for dessert but we decided to try their Fried Cheesecake instead. It was very filling! The Cheesecake was huge! Add on the dough from the frying and it was more than we could finish. The boyfriend and I just finished half of the cheesecake (we spooned it out from the fried dough) and the ice cream. Next time, I think I’ll just settle for some mochi!

The food at HK Tea and Sushi really does hit the spot. It’s filling and cheap! You can be so full that you can’t eat anymore and still pay less than $15 – including drink and dessert.

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