Cupcake time! I spend a lot of my time looking up sweets because it’s quite possibly my favorite food. My mom keeps telling me I’m going to get diabetes by the time I’m 25 because all I want to do is eat sweet things. I’m always on a perpetual search for the best cupcake in all of New York City. For me, so far, the best is Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Even after trying the California-favorite, Sprinkles, SSS is still my favorite.

Facebook was doing a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal for Sprinkles so I decided to grab the deal and try these famous cupcakes out. Since I went on a Tuesday and not a Friday, they didn’t have their Chai Latte flavor. I was a little sad since it was the flavor I wanted but I heard good things about their other flavors as well. I went with their Banana Dark Chocolate (right) and Black and White (left). Each cupcake would’ve been $3.50 each but I only paid for one. Good deal.

The Banana Dark Chocolate was my favorite. It tasted like I was eating a real banana. The bittersweet chocolate frosting wasn’t too sugary. The best part was the fact that it didn’t fall apart despite the various trips on the MTA. However, I do have a complaint – the cupcake tasted kind of like a banana muffin. The texture wasn’t as soft as I’d like it to be.

The same goes for the Black and White cupcake. The frosting was just right but the cupcake itself was a bit muffin-like. There wasn’t the same soft consistency of a cupcake that I’m used to. These cupcakes aren’t as bad as Crumbs in my option but they’re definitely not as good as Sugar Sweet Sunshine by any chance. The pricing also decreases my desire to buy them again. I understand that this is a brand name cupcake but $3.50 for just one is a bit steep.

All in all, if there’s another deal, I’d make a stop at Sprinkles. If not, I’ll probably skip it and head to Bloomies for some froyo instead.

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