Petite Abeille

I was really in the mood for some Belgian waffles one day and did some quick Yelp searching to see if there were any restaurants serving them in the area. That’s when I discovered Petite Abeille. They have several locations but the one on W17th was closest to me so I decided to give them a try since it was only a few blocks away.

When I arrived I decided to sit at the “bar”, which is more of a coffee bar than an alcoholic one. I was offered a glass of water and given time to peruse the menu. After sitting down, I decided that I didn’t want a waffle. Their Croque Monsieur sounded delish so I opted for that instead. My food arrived about 10 minutes after I ordered, which wasn’t bad at all.

The plate was huge! There was a small section of salad, a bigger section of fries and a huge open-faced sandwich. They gave me a knife to eat the sandwich with, which is definitely necessary since it was so big. The sandwich was pretty good – I would’ve liked a little more mayo on the bottom. Not one of my healthiest lunches but definitely a delicious one. The salad, though, was the star. I wasn’t sure what type of dressing it was but it tasted like a mustard vinaigrette. It was delicious – very fresh and light. I kind of wished that I had ordered a salad instead of the sandwich – it was that good!

Most people stop in to order food to go, but sitting alone wasn’t so bad. I was in and out within 40 minutes. I think I’ll definitely be back if I’m in the area. Their waffles looked so good on Yelp that I want to come back just to try them!

One thought on “Petite Abeille

  1. I love this place! I have yet to visit during the day time, but during dinner, I usually order the Carbonnade Flamande which is my fave. It’s so tender and the sauce is fantastic!

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