Cull & Pistol

I noticed Cull & Pistol on Yelp’s new businesses listing a few weeks ago and read through the reviews. Although was only a small amount of reviews, most of the feedback have been positive. I’m not in the Chelsea area often so I mentally noted the restaurant for future usage. I had forgotten about Cull & Pistol until one day when the Boyfriend and I had just walked the High Line in 90 degree weather and wanted to hide inside Chelsea Market. Lo and behold, Cull & Pistol was right next door to our destination spot of Lobster Place. Lobster Place was really full so we opted to try Cull & Pistol instead since we were looking for somewhere to sit and cool off from the heat. We were greeted immediately be the hostess who sat us by the bar. We were able to see the workers shucking and cleaning oysters, clams and other types of seafood. While we were waiting for our food, we noticed that the workers behind the bar all wore Lobster Place uniforms. We found out later that Cull & Pistol is the restaurant offshoot from Lobster Place and all their seafood comes from next door. You’re guaranteed fresh seafood every single time! IMG_3779 We started off with half a dozen Littleneck Clams ($1.00 each), which is served with their housemade cocktail sauce and vinegar. I thought that the vinegar wasn’t quite strong enough and the housemade cocktail sauce was a bit too chunky. It didn’t really slide onto the clams that well. The clams, however, were very fresh. They did not smell or taste fishy at all. In fact, I didn’t even need the vinegar or the cocktail sauce to go with the clams. They were so fresh that I could’ve eaten them straight up by themselves! IMG_3781 We opted to share the Long Island Clam Toast ($11.00), which is served in a mixture of Dickson’s tasso ham and a garlic aioli on grilled ciabatta bread. The Yelpers did not steer me wrong! The tasso ham and garlic aioli worked together really well and provided one of the most unique mixtures I have ever eaten in my life. The result was an extremely creamy and salty combination that gave so much flavor to the steamed clams. I highly recommend this dish! I could come here, order two plates of these babies, and be the most content person in the entire restaurant. IMG_3782 We also decided to share the Lobster Roll ($24.00), which is served with a side of New Bay fries. They offer their lobster rolls Connecticut style or Maine style. Both the Boyfriend and I prefer Connecticut style lobster rolls so we decided on that one. We both hold Red Hook Lobster Pound as our favorite lobster roll so we compare every other roll that we have to it. Cull & Pistol’s lobster roll really put up a good fight. The lobster is steamed and tossed in a butter and lemon sauce. But I think there’s more to it than just butter and lemon. It was a lot wetter than your standard lobster roll, which ensured that the lobster stayed juicy and not dry out (unlike Lobster Joint’s lobster roll). There was also a distinct taste of something else a little spicier. Regardless of what it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also really liked the New Bay fries, which are basically thin fries with Old Bay seasoning. The thin fries were really crispy and crunchy! IMG_3783 After our meal, we were given complimentary gelato from L’Arte del gelato! It’s a tiny portion but they got so many extra points because of it. I love restaurants that give out tiny complimentary desserts instead of offering a dessert menu. It prevents me from overeating and it’s a nice little sweet end to a great meal. We received an orange creamsicle gelato, which was absolutely delicious. I will definitely need to pay L’Arte a visit! IMG_3785 The service was quick and attentive. Our food arrived in a timely manner and we never felt rushed to leave. I think I’ll continue to come to Cull & Pistol instead of Lobster Place. You get the same delicious seafood but in a much nicer setting with more gourmet options. The prices are pretty fair and they even have their own bathroom in the restaurant. You don’t have to go outside and line up for the public bathrooms in Chelsea Market!

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