Soba-Ya has been sitting on my Bookmarks list on Yelp for a while. Unlike ramen or sushi, soba isn’t one of those things that I crave often. But the Boyfriend and I were in the East Village with no clue where to eat lunch so we decided on Soba-Ya so I could cross them off my list.

We arrived before they opened at 12pm so we hovered by the door and checked out their menu. Their menu advertises a limited Lunch Box set ($17.00) with only 25 servings per day. By the time we were seated, we already knew we would get the Lunch Box Set since it’s so limited! We usually don’t get the same thing when we eat out so we could try new things but it sounded too tempting not to!

The box itself comes with four sections – a mixed greens salad with Soba-ya’s original dressing, broiled fish of the day, rice with cod roe and egg, and cooked veggies. The salad was nice and refreshing. I liked that they use mixed greens instead of romaine, which is the standard for Japanese restaurants. The star of the box was the broiled fish of the day, which was salmon. It was very tender and very well seasoned. A bite of salmon and a bite of rice was the perfect combination!


The set comes with a side of tempura, which features two pieces of shrimp tempura and one piece of pepper tempura. The tempura comes piping hot so be careful when you eat it! By the time I finished everything, I still had one piece of tempura left because I was so full.


The set also comes with a side of soba noodles. You get your choice of hot soba or cold soba. If you get cold soba, they bring you a plate of soba noodles and a tiny cup of broth to dip the soba into. They also give you a plate of wasabi and chopped scallions to add into your dipping sauce. This was very good portion size because anymore and I wouldn’t have been able to finish! The soba was cooked perfectly and the broth was really refreshing on a hot day.


After we both finished our sets, we asked for dessert because on Wednesdays, all lunch desserts are 50% off. Our waiter then brought over a tiny version of their tofu dessert. We were shocked because we didn’t know that the Lunch Box Set came with dessert! It was just enough to give us a taste of sweetness without making us too full.


The service was attentive the entire meal and our food came out relatively quickly. The food was delicious and all on the light side. Neither of us left feeling disgustingly full even though we had quite a bit of food. I would definitely wait again to get this great deal!

Quick Tip: They make their own Calpico Soda here so make sure you give it a try. They also have Mandarin flavored Calpico!

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