When Restaurant Week NYC rolled around I quickly made reservations on OpenTable for Nobu, who offers lunch during the promotion. This is one restaurant where you really have to be quick about reservations because they were filled up for lunch until the end of restaurant week (three weeks later) by the end of the week. We arrived at 11:45am, which is when they open. When we were seated, there were only about 3-4 other tables occupied. By the time we left at around 1pm, the entire restaurant was full.

We were given the regular menu as well as the Restaurant Week menu, which offers 3 options of appetizers, 3 options of entrees and a chef’s choice for dessert for $25.00. The Boyfriend and I both ordered something different so we would be able to try at least 2/3 of the menu.


For appetizers, he ordered the Black Cod Miso on Limestone Lettuce. Although it was a bit messy to eat, it was so delicious! The cod practically melts in your mouth – you don’t even have to chew the cod! We both have never had a piece of fish that tender before. The portion size was a bit small, but it definitely made us want to come back for a full portion.


I had the Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce, which is their famous rock shrimp dish. The portion size was more than generous and the shrimp was pipping hot! You can tell that they just pulled them out of the fryer and mixed it in the spicy sauce. The sauce wasn’t overly spicy and allowed the sweetness of the shrimp to shine through.


For his entree, the Boyfriend ordered the Unami Arctic Char, which is similar to salmon. The dish came with a bowl of some pretty damn good rice, which we gobbled up with the fish. The Arctic Char was very tender and cooked just right. It still had a lot of pink in it, which is perfect. The vegetables that accompanied the Char was very fresh and gave the dish a very light feel.


For my entree, I ordered the Beef with Anticucho sauce, which is a creamy, spicy sauce. My dish also came with a bowl of rice, which I completely demolished. The beef was cooked to my requested medium rare and was very tender. The spicy sauce was pretty spicy so beware if you can’t take the heat! I thoroughly enjoyed my dish and thought that the portion size was just right to fill me up.


Our dessert was a Cheesecake Mousse with Raspberry Jam. I liked that it was a mousse instead of a full slice of cheesecake because it was light and and airy. I often refrain from eating cheesecake as a dessert because sometimes it can be too dense and heavy after a meal, but this mousse interpretation was a perfect ending to our meal.


We also ordered two cups of coffee, fully intending to pay for them but when our check came, we noticed that there wasn’t a charge for it. Nice! The service was quick and attentive. Our waiter had several other tables to take care of but we never felt like we were given less attention because we ordered off the Restaurant Week menu. Before we came, we thought that most of the attention given to Nobu was just hype. But after we dined, we completely changed out minds. The fish dishes that we had were some of the best we have ever tasted. Nobu, wait for me! We’ll definitely be back!

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