Cafe Orlin

I was in the mood for French Toast so after typing that into Yelp, I discovered Café Orlin, located on St. Mark’s Place. We have walked right past this restaurant before in the past without even realizing it!

We arrived around 10:00am and were given a choice of many seats. We chose the inner dining area, which is a bit quieter than the main dining area. We were given menus to look over, which was a bad idea since I spotted my favorite brunch dish on their menu.

Just the mere mention of Eggs Norwegian made me completely forget about my French toast craving and order that instead. Since it’s featured on their brunch special menu, I got a glass of orange juice and my choice of Americano, Cappuccino or Latte. I went with a cappuccino, which I drank. The Boyfriend stole my orange juice since he ordered off the regular menu.


My Eggs Norwegian ($14.50) was very delicious! There was a lot of smoked salmon and the English muffin was nice and toasty. The home fries were also very good and I’m usually not a fan of them. With a little bit of ketchup I ate almost half of the potatoes on my place. My only complaint is the eggs, which were a little undercooked. Otherwise, it was yet another great eggs Norwegian!


The Boyfriend decided to go with the Steak and Eggs ($15), which he has never had before. This features two eggs any style, home fries, toast and a creamy spinach sauce on the side. I didn’t try the eggs but I did try the steak, which was very flavorful. The spinach sauce was amazing! The Boyfriend dipped everything into the sauce and completely cleared his plate.


Our meals arrived in a timely fashion and our water was refilled when our glasses were empty. After we paid the bill, we sat at our table for a little while longer just to talk since we had time to kill. No one ever rushed us to leave or anything, which was a major plus. I can see myself returning for brunch.

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