The Boyfriend and I were itching to try something new so we headed out to Williamsburg to take a shot at Rye. When we arrived, however, we realized that Rye was on vacation for the week. Since we didn’t really have anything else in mind, we walked around until we stumbled upon Juliette. The Boyfriend had read about Juliette as one of NYC’s best rooftop restaurants so we decided to give it a try. We were seated on the rooftop right away.

As we looked over the menu, we ordered two glasses of their White Sangria ($8.00 each), which is special for the summer. The sangria was very good – it was bubbly and refreshing. The subtle fruit flavors were very good and gave the drink a very light feel.


We opted to share a few appetizers and one entrée. Our first appetizer to arrive was the Charred Tomato Soup with Mini Grilled Cheese Croutons ($9.00). This was off their specials menu, but I think it appears pretty often. The soup was very creamy and was very filling! The fact that they soaked the mini grilled cheese made the “croutons” super delicious. Next time, I want one just for myself!


Our second appetizer to arrive was the Escargot Maison ($10.00), which features escargots baked in garlic, parsley and anise butter. The snails were a bit on the smaller side but the sauce was very good. I love garlic-rich foods so this was perfect for me. I wish I had some bread to dip the sauce in!


Our third appetizer arrived at the same time as our entrée so I had half and then swapped with the Boyfriend. We decided on the appetizer portion of the Homemade Parmesan Gnocchi ($9.00), which was the perfect portion size. The gnocchi is pan-fried with imported speck and peas. I’m not normally a fan of peas, but the sauce was so good that I gobbled everything up! The gnocchi itself was also super fluffy – some of the fluffiest gnocchi I have ever had.


Our entrée was the Pan Roasted Organic Salmon ($24.00) with scallion whipped potatoes and braised Tuscan kale. The kale was a bit tough but the whipped potatoes were absolutely lovely! They were so light and fluffy. The salmon was cooked perfectly to our requested medium rare. The portion size was perfect to share and really filled us up.


We ended the night with the special dessert of the day – Meyer Lemon Cheesecake ($8.00), which is served with toasted almond topping and blueberry compote. The cheesecake was fluffy and had a faint hint of lemon. It felt like I was eating a lemon pie – but with cheese. The crust for the cheesecake, however, was the best part. The crust was hard and soft at the same time. It had a great texture when paired with the cheesecake.


Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Juliette. The food was delicious and the atmosphere and ambiance was amazing. Being on a rooftop as the sunset builds a great mood. I can definitely see myself returning later in the fall for some more rooftop dining!

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