Earl’s Beer & Cheese

After over a year and a half on top of our food list, the Boyfriend and I finally decided to make the hike up to Earl’s Bear & Cheese in East Harlem. We’ve heard a lot of good things about their grilled cheeses so our expectations were pretty high. We arrived around 12pm on a Thursday afternoon and it was pretty empty. There were only two other parties there so we managed to get a table seat instead of the high-tops.

We ordered at the bar and they brought our food over. We started with the Foie Grad Taco ($12.00 each), which features seared foie gras on top of a large tortilla with crinkle fries and a slice of cheddar cheese. We decided on the taco on impulse and it turned out to be the best order of the day. The foie gras was perfectly seared and all the juices from the liver oozed with each bite. I honestly could come here again and just eat 2 of these and be completely satisfied.


We then shared the NY State Cheddar Grilled Cheese ($8.00), which is their signature grilled cheese. This sandwich features NY State cheddar cheese, pork belly, kimchi and a fried egg on top of sourdough bread. The bread was thick and crunchy and did not fall apart at all. The pork belly and kimchi paired really well with the cheddar and the fried egg was just the icing on the cake.


We also shared the Mac & Cheese ($8.00), which is made with goat cheese and rosemary. The mac & cheese, although tasty, was my least favorite of the day. The taco and grilled cheese was just so good that the mac & cheese was a bit bland compared to them.


Next time, I definitely want to try the Beer Cheese, which is one of their specialties. The service is friendly and we never felt rushed. I will definitely be back for more cheesy goodies!

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