The Boyfriend and I were both craving ramen but did not want to wait in line at Ippudo or hike uptown to Totto. After a quick Yelp search, we found Zutto in Tribeca. Zutto accepts reservations, serves sushi and ramen, and has plenty of space. The restaurant has many two-seat tables, several four-seat tables and a huge table in the middle that can fit 10+ people. I made reservations on OpenTable before we both headed out for the restaurant and we were seated right away.

Our first dish was the Pork Belly Steam Buns ($9.00), which come two per order. The buns were soft and the pork belly was very tender. The miso-mayo sauce helped balance out the saltiness of the pork belly. I thought these steam buns were very good – not as good as Ippudo’s – but still very delicious.


We also shared a Foie Gras Sushi Roll ($14.00), which has snow crab, blue crab, tobiko, cucumber, foie gras and avocado with a wasabi-pomegranate. The roll was very generous in stuffing and I really enjoyed the wasabi-pomegranate sauce. I don’t think I would order this particular roll again – I’d rather get more steamed buns – but it was enjoyable all the same.


We split the Parma-Karma Ramen ($15.00) because we always struggle to finish individual bowls when we order ramen. The Parma-Karma Ramen features a rosemary infused pork noodle soup base with Parmigiano-Reggiano menma, freshly grated ginger, karashi, and scallions. The ramen itself is very good – it was bouncy and cooked perfectly. The broth, however, was the star of the dish. At first glace, the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese sounds a bit weird but once it melts into the broth, it smells and tastes absolutely delicious. The broth was salty and buttery at the same time.


We opted to split the Coffee and Doughnuts ($9.00), which is coffee semifreddo, foamed cream, and zeppole doughnuts. The doughnuts come warm and I could smell the cinnamon from them the moment our waitress placed the plate onto the table. The coffee semifreddo was so delicious! It was cold and sweet, which contrasted really well with the doughnuts. This is a must get!


The service was attentive and the food was delicious. Zutto is definitely a contender for best ramen in NYC! Quick tip: If you check into Yelp, you get a free glass of Asahi!

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