Juliette Pt. 2

When the Boyfriend’s aunt was in town and wanted to eat in Williamsburg, we racked our brains for the best we’re had in Williamsburg. The list is pretty long – there’s restaurants that we keep going back to like Zenkichi and there’s new finds like Tabare and St. Anselm. We finally settled on Juliette, which serves up French cuisine. We’ve been to Juliette once before earlier in the summer so we were eager to return. I made reservations for a party of 5 and we were seated without any wait time.

There was a very long list of appetizers to choose from but I went with their Tomato Soup with a Mini Grilled Cheese Crouton ($8.00). It’s not something new, but it was so good last time that I had to have it again. The heat from the soup definitely helped warm me up from the chilly weather outside!


For entrees, I went with the Seared Day Boat Scallops with mushroom ragu and imported polenta ($26.00). There were only three scallops in the bowl but the scallops were pretty big. I had to cut each one into four pieces in order to eat it! The scallops were very sweet and the mushroom ragu was a great sauce for the polenta. It might look like a small portion but it was pretty filling.


The Boyfriend went with the Tagine with Winter Vegetables, Chicken, Pork Sausage and Lamb Shoulder ($26.00). Juliette actually cooks their tagine in a tagine, which I thought was pretty cool. The last time I had tagine at Cafe Mogador, they didn’t use one for each individual dish. I liked their attention to detail but I thought the lamb tagine at Cafe Mogador was better – this one was good but it wasn’t as flavorful.




Boyfriend’s mom had the Seared Duck with Potatoes and the duck was cooked to perfection. She usually gets the duck dish whenever we go out to eat at French restaurants and sometimes we’re disappointed by the cook but this was not the case. It was super juicy!


Boyfriend’s aunt had the Crispy Natural Chicken with wilted baby spinach and three cheese grits ($20.00). I had a piece of her chicken and it was so juicy and soft! It literally melted a bit when you put it in your mouth – but the skin was really crispy and crunchy! The cheese grits were also very good – but a bit on the heavy side.


For dessert, we split a Warm Apple Galette ($7.00), which is like a less doughy and caramely apple pie. They paired it with homemade caramel ice cream, which was really good. The galette was light and refreshing – a perfect finish to a delicious meal.


Service was attentive and friendly. We got our dishes in a timely manner and our waitress remade the Boyfriend’s mom’s cappuccino when it wasn’t hot enough. She was extremely friendly about it – I’ve seen waitresses scoff and give attitudes over smaller things. I can’t wait to be back to try the rest of their delicious menu!

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