Columbus Circle Holiday Market

The Columbus Circle Holiday Fair opened up on December 3rd so the Boyfriend and I decided to pay them a visit. We’ve been going regularly for the past four years because they always offer an nice alternative to dining around the area. There’s always something new to eat every year!

This year brings some newcomers as well as some tried and trusted regulars:

  • Β Two Tablespoons Vegustation
  • Seoul Lee Korean BBQ
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Red Basil
  • Arancini Bros
  • German Delights Bratwursts
  • Hong Kong Street Cart
  • Mighty Balls
  • Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen
  • Macaron Parlour
  • Wafels & Dinges
  • Mmm Enfes

Red Basil, a regular, serves up delicious Thai food and I’m always drinking 2-3 of their Thai Iced Teas ($2.00) every time I visit the market.

German Delights, another regular, is also one of my usual stops. They have hot apple cider, hot gluwein, and delicious bratwursts.

Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen is also another regular who participated in the Holiday Market last year. They have a rotating menu of gourmet grilled cheese and are opening up a flagship shop in Brooklyn soon!

This time, we opted to try Seoul Lee Korean BBQ, which serves up Korean themed burritos, tacos and rice bowls. I had their rice, shortrib, and egg taco, which was absolutely divine ($4.00). It looks like it would be messy but it’s actually not. It also looks tiny but it’s really pretty filling. The spicy mayo drizzled on top gives the taco a slight heat, which is great for mild-spice eaters like myself.


We also tried three balls from Mighty Balls. I’ve had their meatball sliders from the Union Square Holiday Market before but it was only one flavor. We found out that if you get their three balls option, you can get three different meatballs in three different sauces ($7.50). We went for the turkey meatball in cranberry horseradish, beef meatball in brown sauce and pork meatball in sweet & spicy sauce. My favorite was the brown sauce but the Boyfriend thought the cranberry was the best.



With so many more food options this year, I’m definitely going to be back to try out some of the other vendors. Perhaps I’ll go for Hong Kong Street Cart next time!


When you’re in the East Village during lunch time, you definitely do not have a shortage of restaurants and eateries to choose from – they’re literally on every block! The problem, then, is trying to find out which one to eat at. Today’s post features Hasaki, which serves up delicious sushi and cooked Japanese goodies. They have several lunch specials and sets so you can pick according to your preferences.

We arrived around 12:30pm and was seated immediately. Our waitress brought over some menus – both the regular and the lunch special – and hot towels for us to clean our hands with. This is particularly helpful since it was pretty chilly that day. After some studying of the menus, we were ready to order.

I went with the Lunch Plate ($18.00), which comes with

  1. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
  2. Grilled Fish of the Day
  3. Two small dishes
  4. Your choice of sushi or sashimi
  5. Soup + Salad
  6. Fruit for dessert




It sounds like a lot and it definitely was! The soup and salad came first followed by all the cooked foods on a tray. The sushi was plated on a separate plate. The tempura was very good – everything was lightly battered and fried. It did not feel heavy or oily at all. The sushi was also very fresh and filling. I liked that I could get a whole meal – starters, entree and a tiny dessert to end the meal – all for just $18.00.

The Boyfriend went with the Seared Salmon + Roe on rice and Soba set ($18.00). His set also came with a salad. The salmon was seared perfectly – it was still pink on the inside. The soba broth was also very tasty.


We were given hot green tea during our meal and then hot hojicha to help digestion after our dishes were all cleared away. I love their attention to details and the small things! Our waitress was very attentive the entire meal, refilling our tea and checking up on us. I can definitely see myself coming more often – for lunch and for dinner.