Le Midi

For our annual Christmas Eve dinner, the Boyfriend + his family decided on Le Midi in Flatiron. It’s often hard to find restaurants that will host a large party without requiring a prix fixe so Le Midi gets serious props for offering us the normal menu. The Boyfriend and I arrived a bit early so we had a drink by the bar. A Rum & Coke with Bacardi was $9.00, which I thought was reasonable.

After the rest of our party arrived, we were seated with menus and given plenty of time to look it over. For my appetizer, I opted for the Country Duck Terrine ($11.00), which is served with toasted bread and miniature veggies. The terrine, which is very similar to pate, was very good. It was flavorful without being overly gamey. The portion size was rather big so I was starting to feel full before I even received by entree, which I completely underestimated in size!


And boy was my entree huge! I opted for the Entrecôte ($34.00), which is a premium cut of steak near the rib area of the cow. It is served with string beans, maître d’hôtel butter & potatoes au gratin. The string beans were really good and paired really well with the steak. Despite it’s large size, I was able to finish the entire steak – while it was a big steak, it wasn’t thick and chewy at all.


For dessert, the Boyfriend and I opted to share a Creme Caramel, which is their take on flan. It’s tiny size was perfect to cleanse our palates after such a salty meal and not fill us up!


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Le Midi. The prices are affordable (they have an early bird prix fixe!) and the service was good. We were there for over three hours and they didn’t rush us once. I definitely want to go back to give the other items on their menu a try!

Quick Tip: The Seared Duck Breast is to die for!

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