Atlantic Grill

Since this was our first Valentine’s Day where we’re celebrating on the actual day (we usually celebrate a few days early or later), both the Boyfriend and I completely forgot about making reservations until the week before the 14th. We’re both not avid fans of prix fixes that lock you into 4+ courses since we’re both not big eaters, soย I spent the next hour trying to find a restaurant that still served their a la carte menu with open reservations. Luckily I stumbled onto Atlantic Bar & Grill, which fit all my requirements.

We arrived early so we checked our coats (including two bouquets of flowers) and was seated in the booth table that I requested upon making our reservation. They were serving their a la carte raw bar menu along with some special Valentine’s Day appetizers and entrees. We opted to stick to the raw bar menu, since we’re both seafood lovers.

First up was the Balcony Tower ($48) for two people. The tower included Maine Lobster, Red King Crab, Jumbo Shrimp, Littleneck Clams, Ceviche, Marinated Prince Edward Mussels, and both East & West Coast Oysters. This was my first ever seafood tower so I was really anticipating this. My favorite parts were the oysters, since they’re my favorite shellfish. Both East & West Coast oysters were very fresh and delicious. I also quite liked the Jumbo Shrimp, which were very sweet, and the Maine Lobster. Every piece of shellfish was expertly opened and deconstructed for easy-eating. I just wish there was more!


We also ordered a dozen Littleneck Clams on the side ($17.00), which were very fresh and sweet. Each clam was drizzled with vinegar and topped with a dab of cocktail sauce – perfection!


Since we were a bit full from all the shellfish, we ordered two special rolls to share. And yes, they do sushi well! On the top is the Rainbow Roll, with tuna, hamachi, fluke and tobiko ($16.00). There was a lot of delicious and fresh fish in this roll, which made it very flavorful. On the bottom, is the Fiery Maine Lobster & Salmon roll with honey calamansi sauce ($15.00), which was my favorite of the two. The lobster was very sweet while the salmon was salty. Together with the spicy sauce, it was perfect.


We finished off the night with a Warm Apple Crumble ($9.00), which was on the special menu. It comes with a scoop of Salted Caramel Ice Cream, which really helped balance out the sweetness of the apple crumble. They even put a cherry heart-shaped truffle for the special occasion!


Service was very attentive without being intrusive the entire night. We never felt rushed or pushed to order. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our first time celebrating Valentine’s Day on the actual day.

Ps. Their Riesling by the glass (von buhl “jazz”, qualitatswein, 2010) is amazing at a very affordable price!

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