The Grey Dog

I woke up in the mood for French toast one day and a quick Yelp search lead me to The Grey Dog. I had passed by numerous times on my way between Soho/Noho and Chinatown but never really noticed the restaurant. The Grey Dog is a cafeteria/counter-service style, which means you order and pay at the counter. After you order, you pick a table and a waitress will bring your food when it is ready.

They offer a variety of breakfast foods (served until 3pm) salads, Michigan sandwiches, burgers, entrees and some small plates. After some time with the menu, my French toast craving was overtaken by the idea of mac & cheese. The Grey Dog offers a baked sharp cheddar mac & cheese with a cute salad ($9.95). The cute salad is basically a mini mixed greens salad with shaved cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette.  The cute salad, in my opinion, was really good. It was light and refreshing and just the right size to supplement my huge portion of mac & cheese. The mac & cheese was also quite good. It was a bit more watery than your typical mac & cheese but it worked well together since it helped lessen the bite of the sharp cheddar.


The Boyfriend ordered the Seared Tuna and Avocado Taco ($14.95), which also comes with a cute salad. This dish stole the show. They cook the tuna to your liking and our tuna was definitely on point with our medium rare request. Tuna should never be eaten completely cooked unless it’s canned! The tacos come with a corn salsa, which was amazing. It had a tiny hint of spice but nothing too overpowering. I highly recommend this dish (even if you’re their for breakfast!).


We also opted to share a piece of Peach Cobbler ($5.00), which is a huge portion. It was a great portion to share and it was super delicious. It was just the right amount of sweetness!


I’m so glad that Yelp pointed me in the direction of The Grey Dog because we had an amazing brunch. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing. I will definitely be back – perhaps next time for dinner!

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