Since the Boyfriend started grad school at NYU, we’ve been exploring the East Village a lot recently. We stumbled upon Kotobuki by accident and they caught our attention with their 27 rating from Zagat. Now, sometimes I don’t pay too much attention to Zagat because some restaurants that I have loved received mediocre ratings. But when a restaurant gets such a high score, it grabs my attention. We took one of their take-out menus and stored it away for future use.

One day, as we were thinking about what to eat, we thought about Kotobuki. We pulled out the menu and noticed that they have a $14 “Omakase Entrees from the Sushi Bar” menu for lunch. It’s available Monday to Friday from 12:00pm to 2:30pm, which is a shorter period of time than usual lunch specials. There’s three options – Chirashi, Sashimi and Sushi entrees. Each option comes with miso soup and fresh salad. And you own’t be jipped because it’s the good miso soup and salad – not the ones from your typical Chinese-run Japanese sushi restaurant.

We both opted for the Sashimi option, which includes 10 pieces of assorted sashimi, a small salmon carpaccio and a u.f.o. roll for $14.00. You might not think it’s much but it’s actually a very significant meal. I think it’s a super great deal because the fish is very fresh. You get 10 pieces of sashimi with a bowl of rice and then there’s an added roll with even more fish! Everything tasted very fresh and was very expertly cut. By the time I finished everything, I was so full!


We opted for the Rice Cream ($5.00) for dessert. Rice Cream is just their version of mochi ice cream. Each order comes with two mochi in a vanilla flavor. It’s definitely better tasting than your standard supermarket freezer section mochi but it’s not the best mochi ice cream I have ever had. This one is less memorable and skippable.


Service was attentive and prompt. We were given waters and a hot towel to clean our hands before we even ordered, which was nice. The bathrooms are really big and very clean, which is a huge plus in my book. I love big bathrooms – nothing is worse than having to maneuver in a tiny bathroom after you’ve had a big meal!


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