Broadway Bites 2014

After watching Maleficient at 34th street, the Boyfriend and I stumbled upon Broadway Bites, a seasonal popup market located at the intersection of 33rd street and Broadway in Greeley Square Park. We noticed a bunch of familiar vendors like Mexicue, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Mighty Balls and Roberta’s. But we also saw a few vendors that we haven’t tried yet!

Our first stop was at Onigiri by Tampopo, which serves Japanese rice balls. They had a variety of rice ball fillings but we opted to go for the Salmon Scallion ($5 each). The prepare it to order so your rice ball is always toasty warm and ready to eat. Even though I’m not a huge fan of scallion, I thought the filling was pretty good. It was light and flavorful – perfect for a hot afternoon.




Our next top was NuNu Beers & Scoops, which was serving up a variety of alcoholic beverages and chocolates. We opted for the Frozen White Wine Sangria since it was pretty hot. The plastic cups they serve it in is pretty small but the sangria was really strong. The moment the ice starts to melt, you can sip at the delicious goodness!


We also made a top at Mimi & Coco for some takoyaki and edamame. If you order takoyaki on it’s own, it’s $8 for six, but if you order a side with it, it’s $10 total for both. The takoyaki was pretty good but I really liked the edamame – probably because it was so hot outside and the edamame was super chilled!


Our final stop was at CAЯNAVAL, which serves up Brazilian cuisine. Despite the fact that the corn and sandwiches looked very delicious, we were eying the churros. Their churros are made to order – they have this little machine that squeezes the dough out in a churro shape. They’re then fried and rolled in sugar. Brazilian churros are filled with dulce de leche so that’s exactly how we ordered ours – it’s sweeter and messier than we’re used to but it was still pretty good!


There’s not a lot of room to sit and eat – they have some high tables for standing but that’s about it. It’s definitely not a place to really catch up with friends or have a leisurely meal. But it is a great place for a quick snack or drink! I highly recommend NuNu’s frozen sangria!

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