Cantine Parisienne

The Boyfriend and I were looking for somewhere close to Chinatown to have a quick meal before heading up to 34th street to catch an afternoon movie. We were bouncing a few places back and forth until I remembered that I had a BlackBoard Eats deal for Cantine Parisienne, located in the Nolita/Little Italy area. We arrived around 2:00pm and was seated immediately.

I opted for the Croque Maison ($14.00) with a sunnyside up egg on top of the ham and caramelized cheese sandwich. It’s a classy French version of a grilled cheese so there was a lot of melty gooeyness involved. It comes with a side of mixed greens so it’s definitely a pretty big portion. I normally love Croque Monsieurs so the added egg was so delicious!


The Boyfriend went with the Cantine Burger ($14.00), which is a blended patty burger topped with caramelized onions and mixed greens. I took a bite of the burger and it was super juicy. The table next to us even stopped mid-meal to stare at the burger! It comes with a side of fries which were crunchy and crispy. I’m not normally a hamburger fan (I prefer cheeseburgers) but this one was pretty good.


We opted for their White Chocolate Mousse ($8.00) for dessert and it was the perfect end to a very savory meal. Since it was white chocolate, it tasted less sweet than regular milk chocolate, which the Boyfriend really liked. I thoroughly enjoyed the caramelized white chocolate “cookie” on the top of the mousse – so crunchy!


Service was nice and attentive throughout the meal despite the fact that we had a deal. I love that about places! I’d definitely be back in the future – even without a deal.



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