When I first heard about Onomea opening in Williamsburg, I quickly put it on my “To-Go” list. I’ve been to Hawaii two times now and I love everything about the cuisine and lifestyle there. I’m always craving Longboards, Hawaiian Sun POG, Loco Moco and Poke – especially the Loco Moco. I’ve even tried to recreate it myself but my beef patties never end up as good!

After months of saying we were going pay a visit to Onomea, we finally set a date and went through with it. We ended up inviting a friend to come along since he’s never had Hawaiian food before. We arrived around 6:30pm and was seated right away with menus. It’s a pretty small menu with just a few options in each category but don’t let that fool you! The food here is delicious!

They have three beer options – it’s not much but I was seriously conflicted. I’ve had both Longboard and Big Wave before in Hawaii so it was really a matter of which I missed more! We all decided to go with Longboards ($7.00 each) though because it is Kona Brewing Company’s most popular beer.


I ordered the Poke ($13.00), which is Ahi Tuna with white onions, seaweed, green onions and sesame. I’ve had tons of Poke before and I thought this one was pretty good. It was a decent sized serving and the seasoning was on point.


A friend ordered the Spam Musubi ($5.00), which is spam and rice wrapped in seaweed. Spam Musubi is a super common snack in Hawaii and I’ve tried to replicate it without any success. This one was a very tasty version. The spam was nicely seasoned and served warm. I just wish there was a little bit more rice like the Hawaii versions!


I ordered the Loco Moco ($14.00), which featured a Teriyaki burger served on a bed of rice with a sunnyside egg and topped with gravy. Loco Moco is also super popular and common on Hawaii so I’ve had plenty of these too. It’s one of the top foods that I miss from Hawaii because it’s just so tasty and hearty. It’s comfort food at it’s finest and this one really hit the spot. The burger patty was cooked nicely and wasn’t tough at all. The gravy was on point! I really liked that it was sweet and salty at the same time – there was a nice tang to it.


Our friend ordered the “Hawaiian Size It” option for an extra $5.00 and I have to say it’s a great deal. For an extra $5.00 you get an extra order! He managed to finish all of it – I have no idea how but he really enjoyed the gravy and patty!


The Boyfriend went with the Teri Burger ($11.00), just to try something else. The Teri Burger is a Teriyaki beef patty on a toasted bun with mayo and lettuce with your choice of fries or salad. I had a few bites and it was pretty good. The burger was juicy and flavorful.


We were all pretty full but you know me, I always have room for dessert! They had two gelato flavors as well as a Coconut Custard with toasted coconut shavings. It’s a big dessert so definitely more than enough for sharing. There’s a nice layer of jelly on the bottom, which I really liked.


Service was attentive and we were constantly asked if we needed anything else. The vibe is really nice too – everything is all blue and earthy. The music is constant island jams and it just feels very laid back. I can’t wait to be back again to satisfy my Hawaiian food cravings! Now if only they could get some Dole Whip!

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